Sky explain cheapest deal for F1 channel

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    @keithcollantine The world of Sky & VirginMedia is a minefield. You see for example. ESPN is a prime example. It’s included in the TV XL package on VirginMedia but it’s a standalone extra for Sky customers.

    Sky state you have to pay extra for HD, but Virgin ‘include’ their HD with the TV XL package.
    This part is important, as Sky did state in the past that they would bundle the F1 channels with their HD package. If VirginMedia do the same it will end up in their TV XL package.

    My point is, I have to work out how much it would cost me to get the equivalent package on Sky compared to VirginMedia. It may cost me less on VirginMedia to get the same channels plus the F1 channel. Or I may find I’m already paying for F1 or it’s the same price, even if I move to Sky. It’s all a waiting game. Will VirginMedia get F1 channel and what package will it be in, or will it be an extra cost?



    If you or I had to arrange the installation ourselves (i.e. with Sky having no part in the process), then it would cost more. In the same way that if you went and bought the dish and box from a shop, it would cost a lot more than it costs Sky. When Sky provide you with the installation/box for “free”, they are doing so at a lot less cost to them than a member of the public could arrange themselves. You can’t liken “high street prices” to the significantly lower “trade prices” (call it what you will) that Sky pay out.

    And I’ll say for a third time, I am not asking for Sky to drop their prices. I’m long over the fact that I can’t afford it, but this does not detract from the fact that what Sky is offering is a terrible deal. And if you care you read my previous thread, I don’t even blame Sky for it (at least not totally). The Sky deal should never have happened, and I lay the blame very much at FOM’s door for that. I don’t like Sky, but one can’t deny that they’ve got a good business, which is after all their main goal.

    N.B. I’m not a Sky technician, however Sky claim on their website that “[set-up] shouldn’t take longer than an hour”. And I believe I’m correct in assuming that this means that installation takes less than an hour in most cases.


    @Chalky – but by having the XL package with Virgin you’re already paying extra. None of that stuff is included in the M package (which I have). However, I agree with the point you’re making, i.e. that comparisons between the two are not simple to make.

    Craig Woollard

    Well… That’s 363 quid more than I should have to pay to watch F1. It pains me to say I’m gonna have to switch to streaming…


    Although I greatly dislike this deal, one slight perk is that Eurosport show the GP2 races live, and if Sky could show the whole wekends races on the channel, then that would make the cost seem a lot more sensible



    one slight perk is that Eurosport show the GP2 races live

    Last year live GP2 races on Eurosport UK were the exception, not the rule. I can probably count on one hand the number of races that were shown live.

    And Eurosport have already said they won’t be showing GP2 live in 2012.


    I can’t help but feel that it’s worth holding out if you’re planning on getting Sky for F1.

    1) I’d put money on them doing a deal closer to the start of the season to tempt those debating it.

    2) It’s probably best to see what Virgin Media can do. Competition (ha, yeah right) could make for a better deal for us consumers.

    3) If you have an Xbox 360 hooked up to a TV (or a PC connected to your TV) you can get Sky with the Sky Player app, and you can just buy the required package per month and therefore only when the season is on.


    alternative, find a pay-per-view online stream – is RTL or RAI providing anything – wouldn’t it be better to pay as you go on the non-BBC broadcast races

    surely in thiis day of technology this is not the hardest option, yet possible the cheapest


    If you have a German IP or use a German proxy you can watch the RTL stream


    Can anyone tell me where I can stream online F1 live for free, in english, and good quality.

    Any ideas?




    Some new details of Sky’s plans, including the hours the channel will be on air and what kind of ratings they are aiming for. Looks like the channel will launch on March 9th, a week before the Australian GP

    Edited by moderator: The original file has been taken down, you can now find it here: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/downloads/F1_2012_Sales_proposal_(1).pdf


    Wow, that document could really have done with a little more proof reading


    Great stuff @cmckinleyF1 – thanks!

    The document has some data on the channel – for starters it’s off-air more often than it’s on air:

    63 hours per week in the weeks with races
    32 hours in other weeks

    By my reckoning from Australia to Brazil that’s 1260+544=1804 hours out of a possible 6216. And then there’s 15 weeks of off-season to fill, with still no mention of any support race coverage.

    And it looks like they’re expecting audiences for exclusive live races of less than one-and-a-half million (correct me if I’m reading that rather complex table wrong!). This is obviously far less than F1 gets at the moment in the UK. As this is a document for potential sponsors I’d expect the figures to be fairly realistic.


    @superdelpinus Yes indeed!

    @KeithCollantine No worries! Thought there was some interesting unknown info. I thought they would be on-air for more hours but i suppose during the week would just be repeated content. I’m sure the times will be flexible around the race weekends (i.e Asia races or big breaking story post race)

    That table is confusing! But i think you’re right and then half a million for shared races with the BBC. Nothing official on support races but i get the feeling Sky will get GP2 based on the fact Eurosport don’t have the rights and there seem to be hints it was because of Sky and Brundle tweeted that Sky were looking into GP2 so reckon (and hope) they do show it, would add some value to the channel

    Alianora La Canta

    Reading the document, Sky doesn’t appear to have taken into account the times the Far Eastern races are on. It’s not starting coverage on race weekends until 7 am, which would mean missing several practise sessions (and, in some cases, part of the race) unless Sky is planning on putting those sessions somewhere else. I’m hoping it’s an oversight on Sky’s part and they will re-jig their times a little to accommodate their contract.

    The table doesn’t seem to have a section for “all viewers” on it, but does have some overlapping ones for target sectors. Still, I don’t see how Sky is going to get 1.42 million average viewers, let alone 1.42 million average men of above-average wealth…

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