Sky explain cheapest deal for F1 channel

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    @keithcollantine It was indeed! Must say it’s really pleasing to read the news. Only ever watched GP2 live when it was on ITV4 in 2008 so it’s an exciting prospect in store to have these extras on F1 weekends this year


    Not sure if this has been mentioned before but I just saw this on Sky’s website…

    “The channel will be available on Xbox 360 to all customers with an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription.”

    Now seeing as my son already has said subscription this is looking good… or am I missing something? Have any Xbox users looked into this?


    @katederby http://www1.skysports.com/formula-1/news/24646/7467475/?DCMP=Sky-search-sslc
    I’m guessing this is the link. It probably means Sky customers with xbox live gold, I don’t think there’s any way to test it yet anyway as the channel hasn’t launched.


    @ms20 I’m a Virgin Media customer, just trying to avoid having to pay for the whole sports package.


    I’m sad, Sky won, goodbye £423 (other half wanted most of the channels on entertainment extra, as I was spending £30 for F1, couldn’t argue against £5). They’d better provide one hell of a service.


    Quite a lot. Here in Bulgaria, the free-to-air TV tossed F1 away, and a paid channel took it. My current cable TV provider will charge me 1.5 euro per month for digital signal package, which comes with TV+ included.
    So, bottom line: 18 euro per year to watch F1 in digital signal.
    People in UK must be really wealthy, yes?


    Not £300-£400 per year for F1 wealthy, no.


    I upgraded to Sky +HD the other day at a time when I’ve been looking to find a cheaper alternative to the basic package. £35 p/m isn’t so bad though when I consider I will definitely be recording the races I miss and most of the channels do get watched in our household, including the entertainment extra channels.

    Bradley Downton

    To everyone on Virgin, I have news.

    Please bear in mind this is all based on the package I had, and now have. But this is the cheapest deal we ended up with from Virgin.

    I was previously on a Virgin Media XL package which was equivilant to about £52.40 a month (a lot already, I know). My mum wanted to cheapen this package and so was talking to the Virgin helpers about dropping to a M+ package.

    After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing we ended up with finding out that the cheapest Virgin Media will do the Formula 1 Channel for (unfortunately it also includes all the Sky Sports channels) is £22.50 per month. On top of our medium package this works out at £61.90 per month (this is for TV, Broadband and Phone line by the way).

    But basically Virgin Media can do the F1 channel for £22.50 per month, however, unlike Sky, they allow you to turn the channel on and off, so for December, January and February, you won’t have to pay this £22.50, but you have to phone them to tell them when you want the channel turned on and off. You can also save another month by turning off the channel in August (where F1 has a 5 week break this year).

    So, for F1 (if you turn off the channel in January, February, August and December) it is an extra £180 per year.


    Thanks for that @bradley13


    Still too much for my unemployed blood. Guess I’ll have to make do with watching it in the pub then…


    In response to the xbox questions. the Sky channel on xbox only permits you to watch channels that you’ve subscribed too. You can’t watch any content via the xbox that you can’t already watch on your sky box.


    @Nick – How can you afford to go the bloody pub if your unemployed mate!?? I work a 60hr week just to keep a roof over my head and I cant afford that sort of luxury! Grrrr


    My other half rang Virgin as I’m on a similar package. They also stated the same. £22.50 per month that you want Sky Sports package.
    However, I’m waiting to 16th March as this is a crucial date for when BT Infinity goes live in my area. This is BTs super fast broadband. (FTTC – Fibre to the cabinet). The whole bundle deal of Phone / TV / Broadband then has some major competition and should start deals being offered to stop customers from jumping ship.
    Also more importantly Sky will soon also have their own FTTC package too, that will use the BT fibre network from April this year. Therefore it may be worth waiting till then to see if Sky can offer an equivalent with F1 for the same price. OK you might miss a couple of early races but you could grab a better deal come April this year when Virgin has some more competition.

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