Sky explain cheapest deal for F1 channel

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    Though not a big deal, @bradley13, all you’ve got is stated on Virgin’s website.
    First one who’ll get SkyF1 without SkySportsRubbish is very welcome!


    Checked in with a rep regarding Xbox Live subscriptions:

    Welcome to Sky Live Chat Service. A Sky Advisor will be with you shortly.

    You are now connected with [Name].

    [Name]: Hello, you’re chatting with [Name], a Sky advisor, may I take your name please?
    You: PJ
    [Name]: Hello PJ.
    You: Hi there. I’m looking into picking up your Formula 1 coverage over the coming season.
    [Name]: Sure.
    You: However, I’m unable to get Sky at home (family home, won’t allow it).
    You: However, I can watch Sky through Xbox Live.
    You: I was wondering if the F1 Channel will be added to said service in march.
    [Name]: I would like to inform you that F1 channel is free with Sports or Hd pack.
    [Name]: however, I am not sure as how to get this on Xbox live.
    [Name]: Just checking that for you now.
    You: Okay.
    [Name]: Thank you.
    [Name]: As I am from the TV technical department, I may not be able to get that information for you. However, we have a relevant team who will help you with that. I’ll provide you a direct number to that team. Is that okay with you?
    You: No that’s fine for now. I’ll check in with the Xbox Live application and see if there’s any information there, as well as some searching online.
    You: Thanks for helping out though, I’ll keep it in mind.
    [Name]: Alright.
    [Name]: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    You: Not right now, no.
    [Name]: You are welcome.
    [Name]: Thank you for chatting with me today. We really value your feedback. Please click the button marked “End Chat” at the top right of this chat window to answer a few questions about your experience with us today. Enjoy the rest of your day.


    In response to the xbox questions. the Sky channel on xbox only permits you to watch channels that you’ve subscribed too. You can’t watch any content via the xbox that you can’t already watch on your sky box.

    Which means you’d have to buy the Sports/HD pack.


    Thanks for all the replies… good to hear the sports option can be switched on and off on Virgin Media to save money in the off season.

    Bradley Downton

    @ivor – I aplogise as I was not aware of this. My main focus was to put across the price for a season of F1 on Virgin Media and also to make the point that the SkySportsF1 channel on Virgin could be switched off at any time to save money. I commented because I had read previous comments querying Virgin Media’s F1 service and thought this may help out a few people.


    I had a rather interesting experience with Sky about 4 years ago which makes me reluctant to sign up for a new contract in order to watch F1.

    I took out a new 12 month contract after leaving sky about 2 years before. I wanted to watch the NASCAR which was being shown on Eurosport and the Tour de France, also Eurosport. Gave my bank details and watched my account get debited. The month of the bike race I found that ITV4 had signed up for full coverage both on TV and via their web site. Their coverage, I felt was on a par if not better that Eurosport.

    OK but I still had my mighty NASCAR to look forward to. Erm NOT. At the end of July the NASCAR coverage was taken off Eurosport and handed to ESPN which required a further subscription on top of the one I had already signed up for.

    I duly called Sky and asked to cancel my contract as I felt they had changed the terms of the contract I had signed up for. “Hard luck” I was told. And you still have to pay.

    It appears that Sky do NOT have to guarentee the content of the channels they show. So if they decide (or one of the channels they supply not controlled by them) to move content to another provider then you have no say whatsoever. My father is himself hacked off with the number of football matches which randomly get moved to ESPN to satisfy the call for more channels to have access to UK footie. He is reluctant to pay even more to SKy to open the ESPN channel


    Go to cancel, once you get passed the indian call centre you will be speaking to someone english, who knows what they are talking about, explain your case that Sky is expensive and I don’t see the reason to have it anymore considering freeview is so good and in HD (Big point)
    So you need to get across that you are not going to pay anymore, instead cancel because freeview HD is far better and you get the same amount of channels you watch apart from F1 which you and your family enjoys! With that they will probably offer you a HD package free of charge for 12 months! But don’t stop there you want a free box and installation! Thats what we got, simply because we thought about cancelling. However I now have Sky Sports F1 HD, its worth a try!


    The Sky F1 channel is currently on the HD package, great! However, I can’t help but feel it will be taken off the HD package next season and although I only recently upgraded to HD, I would never upgrade to Sky Sports. Apart from F1 the only other Sky channels I’ll be watching for motorsport are Eurosport and Motors TV, I couldn’t justify paying for sports I’m not interested in.

    Harry Palmer


    I may be missing something, but I was just flicking through the channels on my Virgin Media Medium TV package and it has SkySptsF1 listed (amongst the channels available to me) as ‘coming soon’… I don’t have Sky Sports 1,2,3 or 4 just the basic Virgin Media TV package. I only pay £36.90 a month for TV, Internet and Phone, and have no additions to my TV package.

    I was under the impression I was going to have to add Sky Sports to my package at £22 odd quid a month just to see all the F1 races live but it seems this isn’t the case… I really hope I’m not mistaken! :D

    Harry Palmer


    Yeah I knew that, the thread you linked to discusses how it would cost £22.50 to add the whole Sky Sports package to a basic Virgin Media package just to get the F1 channel…

    The point I was making is I don’t have the Sky Sports channels on my TV package but I do have the F1 channel, without paying any extra!


    Yes, same here (channel 516) but if you click on the channel it then tells you it’s available “to all Sky Sports Collection customers … or if upgrade to Sky Sports” … which it what everyone has been saying.


    Perhaps you can see the channel to let customers know it exists, but it will be locked when the channel actually starts unless you upgrade.

    Harry Palmer

    @katederby @matt90

    Yeah, that’ll be what it was… I just saw it as one of the channels available to me but didn’t click on it as it doesn’t start airing until the 9th of March. I clicked on it this morning and got the message about upgrading to a Sky Sports package. Oh well, I thought it sounded too good to be true! :(


    The first race of the IndyCar season will also be on Sky Sports F1 HD according to Keith Heuwen.

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