Sky explain cheapest deal for F1 channel

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    Sky Sports F1 HD has appeared on the Sky HD package now. It’s showing a preview at the moment featuring what I assume is a taster of what is to come. An interview with Emerson Fittipaldi, a profile of McLaren, an extended version of the advert and a schedule of the first few programmes. I’m sure there are some other things I forgot but it’s looks promising.


    Hi everytime – been reading the sites for what seems like ages but this is the first time I’ve posted on here, so be gentle! It’s regarding the Sky Sports app on the iphone/ipad, which works out at £9.99 per month for all the sports channels. Great I thought, I can still get to watch all the races live and at a good price. Or so I thought. Here’s what I posted on the Sky Sports help forum and the ‘Sky SportS f1: your questions answered’ section.

    “I understand from asking a question on the Sky help forum that the F1 channel won’t be available on the Sky Sports TV app.

    As the F1 channel was advertised as being free to Sky Sports subscribers it unfortunately seems this isn’t as case. I mainly chose to subscribe to the Sky Sports App as my only way of watching all the races live as I assumed this would be added on the 9th. I currently can’t afford the £35 per month for Sky Go, so I’ll be cancelling my Sky Sports TV app subscription.

    This is a will shame as I feel a lot of fans would’ve taken this option, even more so as Sky’s plans do look excellent. Is there is a reason why it’s not being added?”

    I’m waiting for a reply, I’ll post it when I do. I also asked them on twitter this afternoon about this, but they haven’t replied yet.


    I capitulated and signed up for Sky last week, but managed to reduce the costs fairly substatially. I went all in as I was out of contract on my landline and broadband anyway and their unlimited internet seems good value for money at £19.75pcm inc. fixed line rental. Taking that out of the equation, the TV package (basic + HD) cost me £30.25 pcm, ie. £363 per year. Addintional ‘savings’ below;

    1) M&S Vouchers – the amount varies over time, it was back to £100 last week when I signed up and only useful if you normally shop at M&S – which I do.

    2) Cachback – various sites have it, but TopCachback.co.uk doesn’t take any commision so got my vote/click. That was an additional £116.15 for the package that I got.

    That brings the total down to £146.85 for the year, i.e. £12.24 pcm.

    As it happens, I’m currently paying £31.90 pcm for landline + broadband, so the net cost increase in costs is only 9p per month!


    Forgive my ignorance, but how exactly does cashback work (and what exactly is it)? it has to make financial sense for all parties involved so what money’s going where? To me it sounds too good to be true so where is the catch?…..


    I don’t like the direction F1 is going to concerning TV. F1 is already for various reason heavily pirated; putting it on pay tv is only going to make matters worse. I expect loads of torrents being downloaded from people who life in the UK.


    @Lemon to get the cashback, you need to go to the cashback site, find the deal you’re interested in (e.g. http://www.topcashback.co.uk/sky-digital/) and click the button to take you to whatever site you’re buying from and purchase as normal. You should get emails as you go along confirming that your initial click/purchase has been picked up by the cashback system and it’s as easy as that.

    Not sure where the money comes from (I think there’s an FAQ on the cashback site to explain) but i’ve used it before last time I got a mobile contract and got the money a couple of months in to the contract. You do typically have to wait a little while, but it does tell you how long on the offer details.

    Drew from Alabama

    I wonder how lucrative a deal Speed Channel in the states has with the FIA? Has this been discussed already in this forum? We have to tune in at the wee hours to catch a glimpse.


    Just seen a bit of the new F1 channel over in my freinds house..and I have to say I am very impressed..
    It already seems miles better than the bbc’s coverage at the moment..whoever has it is very lucky..:D


    I just watched the whole 2 hours of the F1 Show and I’m quite pleased, let this continue! The graphics on some of the segments are really quite incredible, they make the BBC look like a toddler group. I’ve put the F1 Legends double on to record so I can watch that during the week.


    Hi, i wonder if anyone has noticed the same thing. I have sky SD and no sky sports ( im still deciding if i should go for the HD pack.) but i can get sky sports f1 channel 408. I just watched and recorded the preview show. the sky HD channel is blocked though. Anyone else noticed this?
    Do you reckon It will become encripted before the race?


    Having had Sky installed in our house only this afternoon luckily I didn’t have to endure the annoying preview loop before the channel was launched for very long. :)

    I must say I’m also very impressed at the level of coverage we seem to be getting this season, and despite the fact that this whole deal is still really bad for the fans, I think it has driven the level of coverage quality up.


    By the way does anyone know who that bloke was, the one in the testing paddock talking to Nico Hulkenberg? He was never mentioned in the build up to the channel launch, I can’t remember his name?


    Damn you lucky people, damn you all.


    @robk23 Some dude called “Fenners” apparently, I might be being ignorant but I have absolutely no idea who he is to be honest.


    I have the channel on Virgin Media and when I tired to watch F1 Legends on virgins Sky anytime it said that to watch the channel I needed the Sky Movies Collection!? Just wondering if anyone else who has it on Virgin could check and see if they have the same issue or if it is just me?

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