Sky explain cheapest deal for F1 channel

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    For anyone referring to this the monthly cost for Sky HD is now £31.75 bringing the minimum cost of an annual subscription up to £381.


    Misinformation about the cost of watching F1 on Sky is increasingly a pet hate of mine. A piece in the latest Autosport (p65) put the following price on it:

    For hard-up Brits, forking out (a minimum) of an extra tenner to watch F1 live was a bitter pill to swallow.

    Even with the caveat “at minimum” this amounts to a considerable understatement of how expensive it really is, and one which will not hold true for most of their readers.

    The “extra tenner” claim appears to refer to the £10.25 cost of adding Sky’s HD pack (which includes the F1 channel) for one month assuming you already have a Sky subscription.

    This of course does not get you a full season of F1 – at most it would have bought three races in 2012, of which at least one would have been live on the BBC anyway.

    And it assumes that the viewer in question has Sky already, which is not the case for the majority of people. With a 12-month minimum contract stipulated, the monthly cost of an annual subscription including Sky’s F1 channel remains as described above.

    However you play the figures it’s considerably more expensive than Autosport claim: £381 per season, £38.10 per extra live race (over those already shown on the BBC), or £19.05 per race.

    I thought the article on the whole was a fair piece but they should have been more realistic about the actual cost of watching the channel instead of cherry-picking a figure that was so optimistic and unrepresentative it looked like it came straight from Sky’s PR literature.


    The cost of watching F1 on Sky is set to rise but a cut-price deal for watching it online will be offered. Details here:

    Sky to raise F1 channel cost and offer cut-price stream

    At present Sky are offering the first six months of an HD pack contract for £5 per month instead of the usual £10.25, so the current cost of a minimum 12-month subscription which includes the F1 channel is £349.50.


    I just rang them and Over they phone they offer sky entertainment extra plus the HD pack, all half price for the first six months. Which is 18.25 a month for the first six months…then if at the six month mark you cancel the ‘entertainment extra’ and swap back to the basic entertainment pack it will be 31.75 for the remaining six months… working out at exactly 300 quid…


    watch 9 races free on the bbc then pay £10 to watch each of the 10 sky races on their tv now streaming service. so £100 quid for the season. thats the cheapest way.


    its £9.99 for 24hours access only!!!!- if Qualy and the race start times are offset you are not going to be able to watch both! if the said £5 weekend access, (including Friday) i would buy it without hesitation!!


    @timtoo yes i know. that’s why i said ‘races’ not qualy as well. still it’s the cheapest way of watching the races.


    Sky have now confirmed the Sky Sports channels are available via Now TV.

    Therefore if you’re happy to watch the sessions via live streaming you could buy 24-hour access for each race weekend at £9.99 a pop which works out at £569.43 for all sessions in a 19-race season, or £379.62 for just races and qualifying, or £189.81 for just the races.


    There have been rumours Sky will take the F1 channel out of the HD Pack for existing subscribers as of October. Sky said that was not the case when I spoke to them about it yesterday. More here:



    That’s good to hear, I’m not going to add Sky Sports just to get the F1 channel as they don’t show anything on the other channels I want to watch. I don’t think Sky would lose many customers from taking F1 off the HD package but I doubt it will gain them many sports subscribers and their sponsors would have something to say about the drop in audience numbers.


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