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    Martin Brundle’s contract is up at the end of the year therefore really good chance he will get poached by Sky.

    As for DC, he has an extra year with the BBC therefore would it be possible we have a 1 year only deal where we see the reunited pair of Murray Walker / Martin Brundle. Would be pretty awesome reunion!!

    Oh and sorry about the title of the forum, I didnt think of it that way :) however imagine if they were providing coverage as owning a team. I wouldnt be surprised if we are some sponsorship though on a team for sky as per other sports they cover.


    I think it depends on the exact nature of the deal as to whether MB and DC jump ship to Sky. If both have separate teams and the BBC still send a full team to each race and the BBC show full reruns of each race then I think Martain Brundle and David Coulthard will stay as their jobs will hardly change really. If Sky and BBC pool resources and share a commentary team then I really hope Coulthard and Brundle get the job as I can’t see Sky finding anyone better.

    If sky choose their own commentators or use the Speed Tv commentators (presumably their American) the coverage will be awful and I’ll be glad I can’t afford Sky. I also need David Croft and Ant Davidson to stay on 5 live, since I’m not getting Sky I want some good commentators at radio 5 live for the practice sessions, qualys and races that I can’t see live.


    sign this and hopefully stop it happening!

    http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/keepf1onthebbc keep signing guys!

    over 23,000 people in 3 days!


    Here’s the first confirmed team member – Rachel Brookes:

    “At Heathrow for flight to Brazil for Grand Prix. Going to be working on F1 for SSN next year :) #christmashascomeearly”



    Here’s her showreel from her website:


    Meanwhile there have been rumours Sky will bring in Nigel Mansell as a pundit.

    sbl on tour

    mansell, come on , a great driver , but a frightful bore


    Rachel Brookes? Never heard of her. Seems like one of Sky Sports’ endless line of attractive, usually blonde, personality-free presenters who are involved more for their gender than their ability.


    But she has boobs @Estesark .



    My point exactly.


    Lee McKenzie has boobs.. That isn’t why I watch F1 at the moment though…


    @keithcollantine Hey Keith – how exactly do we know that she will be working with the F1 team? I mean, working for Sky Sports might not necessarily mean F1 team – would it?

    Why not Jacques Villeneuve or Eddie Irvine as pre-show pundit? :P

    I hear Crofty-Brundle would be the commentators though.


    According to PitPass, Sky have signed a deal with Ted Kravitz as pit lane reporter, Brundle/Crofty to be commentators whilst DC and (thankfully) Jordan stay at the BBC. They also think it’s between Georgie Thompson or Simon Lazenby (currently presents Sky’s ruby coverage) for the program host with Mansell as a pundit. Of course it’s all just rumour at the moment, but it doesn’t sound *too* bad at the moment.

    Going back to the OP, I don’t know ANY F1 fans that want Louise Goodman back. She was, and still is, completely useless.


    I wish it was possible to stick with the current team but it’s not going to happen :(, I hope that Rachel Brookes nor any girl who doesn’t know anything about F1 gets a job, there nothing but tallentless eye candy only there to boost ratings. If I wanted pretty girls I would google them.


    I want James Allen!


    @magnificent-Geoffrey why not Charlie Webster then? She did GP2 a while back :P


    hey may I ask if everyone can get the channel? what is sky excacly? is it German or something?

    luckely we have some locale channel where I can get the races from, only problem is, I REALLY do hate that there is almost no pre-commentary before qualy or race…

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