Sky unveil opening titles

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    Bradley Downton

    Sky’s Opening Titles have been revealed:

    Must say, I love the idea behind it, and also the music. With Sky not being able to use ‘The Chain’, a song written for Formula One is the next best thing.

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    Terribly boring song for an intro. That would be much better suited to a slow-paced season review or something. Oh wait…

    Bradley Downton

    @damonsmedley – I knew something didn’t seem right, and you’ve just hit the nail on the head, while it’s a good idea for the video’s of all the Champions, and a great song, the 2 don’t go together due to the different paces :/


    I agree with @damonsmedley . It’s not really a good song for an intro at all. And it’s already synonymous with the BBC ending credits of 2010 too. Pretty uninspired choice to me. :/


    The whole idea of an intro is to get you excited for the race. Not get you into a nostalgic and reflective mood!


    I hope the Vettel bit at the end doesn’t have a long life, I really have something against drivers appearing in the title sequence like that; I didn’t like ITV’s last intro either. To be honest I’d rather the title sequence didn’t feature any real drivers and be something more along the lines of the BBC’s generic driver, I find that a lot easier to watch.


    I think the song is appropriate in name only, as the song seems far too slow paced for a title sequence in my opinion. However, I much prefer the real life footage as opposed to the corny CGI one the BBC had. I just think it would be better with a faster song.
    Something like this?


    @f1alex, that is a great nomination of song. Although as damonsmedley mentioned above, an F1 intro is not meant to make you nostalgic, and hearing The Vines would immediately remind me of my teenage years…

    Sky’s intro sequence is dull, both in terms of music and pictures. It doesn’t compare well to the BBC’s 2011 effort.


    I’m not in love with it but it could have been a lot worse. The old footage made me think it was going to be a really great journey through F1 history but it quickly falls apart. I don’t really like the CGI of the BBC intro but as long as they have the music they could just show an F1 logo on the screen for 30 seconds and I’d be happy with the BBC intro.


    The song should be something a lot more energetic, though the actual content of the video is pretty good.


    total pish




    “…confirmed as the title music for Sky Sports F1 HD and will feature on the brand new channel’s opening titles. “

    Does that mean its the theme for the channel rather than their race programme? I suppose it could be both.
    It feels a little pedestrian to me, not that it really matters as I won’t be listening to it as a non-Sky viewer


    Sounds like it could just as easily be Take That. And that is not appropriate for F1.



    *wakes up* Oh, it ended! Crikey! Thats probably the most boring intro ive ever seen for any sports program.

    Honestly, F1 is about speed, more speed and then finding even more speed and the intro MUST reflect this. BBC had it bang on, even ITVs wasnt that bad. Im talking a galloping bass, duelling electric guitars , John Bonham-esq backing drums. Thats my idea of an F1 into. Short, fast and catchy.

    Not the best advert for Sky to be promising us the best experience for F1.

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