So Who`s Better… Hamilton or Alonso?

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    sbl on tour

    alonso hamilton….but whose better…theres only one way to find out……FIGHT!

    H HILL tv burp


    “I agree with what skodarap said about Lewis being better when he has a competitive team mate, seems to push him more and I think being team mates with Button will be good for him.”

    Aside from Alonso, Hamilton has never really had a competitive team mate. It is my suspicion that there were more problems at McLaren than Alonso has openly admitted which would explain the closeness of their results.

    Button is the first reasonably competitive post-Alonso team mate that Hamilton has had, and he struggled to come out ahead on points against him. I think that is telling.


    Thanks guys good debate here and nice to read ALL of your comments.Just want to respond to a few:

    Dan Thorn and Steph,

    Hamilton was not scared off the road by Alonso he made a mistake like everyone else does from time to time.Hope you havent watched Jose Lorca`s(Fernando-Fan-Boy who creates multiple IDs on BBC 606 Forum) vids:

    Massa Double Overtake on Hamilton and Webber


    Hamilton: “The Drive Of My Life”


    Hamilton SCARED of Fernando Alonso


    Photographer captures Hamilton crying


    These are some of the vids he makes.Gives Alonsos fans a bad name.


    Put them in the same car and we’ll find out. Oh wait…


    I think FOM should have an official kart race at the end of the season with all the drivers in spec karts.

    Stephen Jones

    cage-match, fight to the death.. that’s the only way i can separate them..

    and in that case i’m tipping alonso cause he looks like a badass.. but i’m sure hamilton can bite


    @John I didn’t mean scared of Alonso or any disrespect. Hamilton admitted himself that when it’s Alonso he’s racing he gets a bit more tense and that puts pressure on him and Hamilton isn’t the best under pressure. I don’t mean he’s scared of Alonso just that the pressure may at times mean he’s more likely to make mistakes. He was perfect at Indianapolis 07 though so he’s shown he can cope fine with it when he wants to.

    I’ve never even heard of the fan of Fernando and I don’t read the BBC forum lol.

    Dan Thorn

    Same here. Korea was more unfortunate as the conditions were tricky but he was definately rattled by Fernando at Brazil – Alonso feinted a move and Hamilton went wide. Of course he isn’t affected all the time – As Steph said Indy ’07, also Canada 2010 he was brilliant.

    Performing under pressure is definately the main thing Hamilton needs to improve, particularly towards the end of a season. He needs to learn the value of simply finishing races rather than going for glory, but then arguably he wouldn’t be the driver he is and have the amount of fans he does.

    I don’t read 606 either, it’s full of fanboys. (This is the only forum I get involved in :P)


    I think one day Hamilton will be more successful than Alonso. But they have different approaches that are hard to compare.

    Alonso will work methodically behind the scenes, get into the car and drive it like a metronome. He will make good strategy calls and adapt to the race unfolding.

    Hamilton on the other hand will take a slightly more passive role in setting up the car, just as likely to take a gamble but rather not on his own initiative like Alonso. Then he will get into the car and get it to do what he wants, even if he has to fight tooth and nail. He hasn’t developed his race brain yet but he is a fantastic opportunist, Monza 2010 aside.

    Alonso too is no stranger to being rattled. Valencia and Silverstone showed that vividly. Contrary to a lot of opinion I see, I think Hamilton’s work needs to be done less in this area and more in general defensive driving. Monza aside, pressure is something he’s getting a hold onto, but in keeping faster cars behind he needs a bit more skill, like Alonso has.

    Adam Tate

    To me it boils down to just this: Hamilton is more talented than Alonso, but Alonso is a smarter racer than Hamilton. In the end these nearly offset each other and leave the two about equal with one another, much the way they finished the 07 season, in a dead heat.

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