Stroll to buy Sauber?

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    Lawrence Stroll will soon take over the Swiss Formula One team known as Sauber apparently anyone know if this is true or anything?


    Heard no rumours to suggest Sauber is for sale. Don’t think there’s any truth in it.


    It’s been suggested nearly everywhere and seems to be very likely.


    could be a case of daddy buying a seat for his kid (Lance Stroll is a member of the Ferrari Academy, currently racing in Italian F4). The Ferrari ties make the deal quite possible in my opinion, however the kid seems quite fast (currently leading the Championship).

    Ben Furtula

    Lance Stroll is only 15 though. So possibly in a few years but not now. @barkun Sauber seem in big trouble. They haven’t scored any points this season and unless some crazy race happens and the finish higher than 9th, it doesn’t look like they will score any points.


    Lawrence Stroll is a Ferrari enthusiast, though. He might be willing to provide some funding for a Ferrari-backed team in his name, regardless of what his son does.

    It sure seems more likely than the Russians actually paying up at this point.


    Buying an entire F1 team simply to give your son a drive is pretty extreme. Surely easier and cheaper just to write a cheque for a season or two, a la Max Chilton’s dad?

    Monisha has proved to be a lousy team principal. She’s attracted no new sponsors, chose the uninspired Sutil as team leader, didn’t pay any of the team’s 50 creditors their bills (they even defaulted on their electricity bill) and has given the team no direction at all. Time for Alexander Wurz and Superfund to take over!


    @junior-pilot – I posted about Monisha being an incompetent team principal when they hired Sutil, and I was thoroughly grilled for it, so watch out! :)

    Iestyn Davies

    Well, apparently Sauber want 50m Euros, based partly upon the Russian ‘promise’ of cash. But Stroll is ‘next level’ rich – buying the team for him is like Chilton’s dad getting the seat for Max. Stroll will do it simply to be the Ferrari B team.


    @braketurnaccelerate thanks for the warning, I’ll be careful!

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