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    Akin Aslan

    Hello people, I as a big F1 fan really admire the skills of formula 1 drivers and at tracks like monaco, Canada (wall of champions) and many more I love seeing how close a driver can get to the barriers. So I thougt that it would be very nice if they could measure the distance a driver gets between his car and the barriers. I don’t know you guys but I would love seeing that and it could also create that extra bit of competition between drivers. What do you think?


    Although I can see the technology been used in those ‘autopods’ at Heathrow Airport, I can’t see how many people would be satisfied in recieving information drivers 5cm from the wall at Sainte Devote 78×22 times, or something like 100m from a wall at some modern circuits (Silverstone in general for example), where it would frankly become quite useless


    I think that would be rather fun.
    Maybe just a sensor mounted in the barrier at certain places. Because as @pezlo2013 says, it would be completely redundant on most circuits, apart from Monaco, Singapore and montreal. So building it into the wheelhub as per regulations would probably be a little overkill I think.
    But it would be very fun to know how close each driver got to the wall on their flying lap. Especially around monaco.

    Akin Aslan

    I wouldn’t want to know it at tracks like Silverstone but I think it would be a good idea for at tracks with close barriers like monaco, canada and Singapore

    Keith Campbell

    Would be quite cool to see actually. Could have stats like ‘average distance from barrier at corner exit’ to compare Monaco qualifying laps. That might be one way to judge who is getting the most out of their car (although there are other factors ofc). All data can be sifted through, ordered, filtered etc so wouldn’t need to worry about information overload. I wonder if teams can already do this with the gps data.


    FOM won’t listen, I’m afraid…


    On the contrary, I think they will. They will spend vast amounts of money on something like this (which is a nice idea), only to be used for a couple of races each year, rather than fixing actual broadcasting problems. Such are their priorities.


    Actually , Strange that I was thinking the exact thing a couple of days ago . It’s a good idea for street circuits . But yeah , FOM will never listen to anything . Heck they didn’t even bother about double points .

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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