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    The 2017 summer break will be upon is after today’s race.

    Is this a time when you switch off from F1 completely? Or do you dig out favourite past races to rewatch?

    Do you catch up with other racing series? Or just have a break from motor sport completely?

    What are your plans for the summer break?


    I’m on holiday in England right now (I live in North America).

    I missed the Hungarian Grand Prix in fact, but it’s only a small sacrifice as I went hiking with relatives I hadn’t seen in years.

    All in all I’ve had a good summer.


    I’ll catch up with the few INDYCAR I’ve missed. Really looking forward to seeing the new cars in 2018.

    Omar R

    I keep reading this site like an addict in a relapse. Add to that wtf1.co.uk, espnf1, other Facebook accounts related to F1 and some racing games, and I manage to survive until Spa.

    Ben Needham

    I mainly sit on F1Fanatic.co.uk with a finger hovering over F5 while I should be working…

    Other than that, you can’t beat a good YouTube browse for some documentaries, old races, interviews etc.

    I’ve also bought Motorsport Manager 2 (the advert on the Daily Round Up worked well…) and the Editor so it’s now F1 Manager 2! This is taking up far more of my time than I’d care to admit…


    I’m moving to another town, so that takes most of my attention during August. Luckily the summer break is now so I won’t miss a single race :)


    I use it as an opportunity to focus on the various other championships that don’t have their summer break at the same time, while also keeping up with the news from F1 on here. The fact there is a good amount of cricket on over the summer is also a bonus to keep me entertained.

    Slightly off-topic, @ben-n, how extensive is the MM2 editor? Very tempted to get it but as it costs more than the game itself I want to be sure!


    Ill be playing F1 on the playstation and checking the fanatic roundup everyday.

    Ben Needham

    @mathers – I think it was around £6 on the mobile edition, which to my mind is well worth it. You can edit the drivers (names, appearance, ability, potential, Twitter handle), the teams (team name, car design and colours), the engineers (names, ability) and the rule book (refuelling, double points, points structure etc.). I think that’s it…

    Obviously it depends whether you care if you’re racing against the fictional Scuderia Rossini or Ferrari. For me, it was worth investing the £6 and an hour of my time to put in real drivers/teams from F1, F2, GP3/FE… I even added some classic teams into the lower leagues like Jordan and Minardi for my own enjoyment!

    I wouldn’t enjoy the game nearly as much without it.


    I do a combination of the above- I record most FP, Quali & Races so will watch those again and slowly delete the hard drive that is almost full (Seems any races Dan Ric has won don’t get deleted!!)

    I will also YouTube past races and F1 documentaries from yester-year- one that I found awesome not long ago on Foxtel was the 1984 US GP in Dallas – was awesome to watch.

    Also will check out some other motor sport categories, but I stared watching F1 in 1985 at age 9 and now 40, so found my category I think. I have tried but cant get into Indy or NASCAR, our local Supercars here in Australia are ok, but they are slow bricks really, like F2 to see the new talent, really enjoy Moto GP and do watch some Formula E and that’s ok, good close racing but a bit slow.

    So I will continue with my F1-hit and no doubt be whinging about the mid-season break in a day or two LOL


    Actually I enjoy being on this website and discussing F1 between the races or during the seasonal breaks. This is a good time to reflect on different issues and do careful analysis; the race weeks are often more about first impressions and emotional reactions.


    I was at the Czech motorcycle Grand Prix last weekend, my first time at a MotoGP race, skipped the Hungarian GP this time and it was pretty good fun (I might have liked it even more!). I went alone and I pretty much only saw the qualifying and race sessions, but I still enjoyed it (even if I got a bit sunburnt on Saturday and my favorite (Iannone) was ridiculously unlucky), you could see a pretty big part of the track from the C viewing area, 5 and a half turns pretty much with a big screen, and it only cost €69 back in February.

    Other than that I catch whatever racing series is on, for example I’ll watch my yearly dose of NASCAR tonight in the form of yesterday’s race at Watkins Glen (plus maybe the final race). Nowadays I don’t rewatch too many full F1 races, but I’m sure some clips will slip in from YouTube. Plus obviously always keeping up with the news, and I bought a few F1 related books that I’ll get to sooner or later.

    Oh, and I spend far too much time with a driving game (I say driving instead of racing because it’s pretty much time trial only) for Android called RACE: Formula Nations, it has great physics for a mobile game and it’s pretty challenging with frequent updates.


    Nothing special. I just do the same stuff as I do every year at this time of year when F1 has its a bit longer than the normal break from races.

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