Surprise of the Season – 2012

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    With the best moment of the season and worst moment in full swing I though I would add this topic to it, simply add what has surprised you this season. My two are that Ferrari managed to win races in a car which looked awful in Australia and as well as that HRT managed to complete a season (so far) with the same pair of drivers.


    Best surprise has been the variety of drivers that have been up at the front, mainly during the first half of the season.


    Maldonado’s win – that came out of nowhere.


    My top surprise of the season was Schumacher’s Monaco pole


    Button’s 8 race slump.
    Maldonado’s Spain win.
    Schumacher’s Monaco pole.
    All 3 of Perez’s podiums.
    Ferrari’s revival after testing.
    Mclaren’s stupidity mistakes.


    To add to mine:
    Maldonado’s win
    Perez on podium
    McLaren’s downfall
    8 different winners, more surprising 7 in 7 races
    Schumacher on pole in Monaco, didn’t expect that


    It’s got to be Maldonado’s victory. Possibly the biggest surprise of the century so far.

    Also, sorry to be nitpicking, but Schumi wasn’t on pole in Monaco, Webber was :)


    Well to be honest… nothing really surprises me since I use my conspiracy gogles…. There is a perfect explanation to everything…
    Maldonado´s win is logical… Chavez (pdvsa) backs maldonado and it´s obvious they injected big money and hence, the payback is a win for Maldonado and decent points as well…
    Rosbergs win is just fair since Ross Brawn mentioned it that his goal for this season was to give Nico his first win and a podium for schumi…. he got what he wanted as well…
    Webber was doing well until he signed and then everything mysteriously turned on him… all of a sudden he has KERS failures, DRS failures…. etc…
    Ferrari… well they benefit from being the biggest name in F1… In order for Vettel to be a “great” he has to beat the greatest.. that is why Alonso has been up there….
    Massa got his punishment for last season´s tugging at Lewis…. and that is why he had such a terrible first season… I also suspect that Massa along with Button where sabotaged in order to limit the point each team earned through the season.
    Kimi´s win was due… he had it coming and the kicker is that they gave it to him when there was no alcohol resent on the podium! LOL
    Vettel´s Abu dhabi race was orchestrated in order to make him look “good” although they over did it with the safety cars… It all played into his lap…

    In the end… Vettel will win on Sunday for various reasons…. Vettel will get the youngest 3 time WDC record; RedBull a “newcomer” to the sport will crown itself WCC on the day a track is inaugurated and they also get a 3 time champ there… what “better” way to have a first race?!

    I know and I´m used to having people call me crazy but F1 has so many “politics” involved… so many interests playing their part… that it is now very hard to believe that results aren´t manipulated… I always said that DRS was one way to manipulate things… as weel as KERS…. it sucks because DRS works with hydraulics… it is imposible for it to fail… unless “somebody” desactivates it! Q.Q Same goes for KERS…. Webber is a prime example of it….

    Ok… my rant is over… now it´s time for me to take cover…


    What hasn’t been a surprise this year?

    – Webber leading Vettel and then runnning into the same issues.
    – Maldonado winning a gp and then taking numbers to see how many cars he can hit per race.
    – Lotus making such a comeback.
    – Raikonnen dropping 10 spots or so within a lap or two in the most dramatic fashion ever witnessed with tire degradation.
    – Alonso having such a fantastic season.
    – Massa finally getting penalized for last year’s antics.
    – Schumacher outdriving Rosberg and of course having half the points to show for it.
    – Perez getting 2nd at Malaysia with zero position passes and 3 podiums but technically matched by Kamui Kobayashi – one goes to McLaren, the other leaves F1…
    – Kamui getting the podium at the home GP but probably leaving F1 for lack of sponsorship.
    – Hamilton’s announcement to join Mercedes.
    – McLaren choosing Perez as Hamilton’s replacement.
    – Hamilton driving flawlessly, winning the qualifying championship and being 5th in points.
    – Button unable to compete with Hamilton – yet just 12 points behind him…
    – Schumacher’s 2nd and most likely final retirement.
    – The 2 Toro Rosso drivers keeping their spots.
    – Hulkenberg driving quite well.

    The only thing that hasn’t surprised me are Red Bull’s and Vettel’s performance.


    The season itself.
    I thought it was going to be terrible this time last year.


    A no-brainer in my opinion: Maldonado’s/Williams’ win in Spain. In the races before, Williams was absolutely nowhere. And then suddenly Maldonado takes pole position and drives a magnificent race to win his first GP. Then the surprise that Williams was again absolutely nowhere in the following races.


    Nothing surprised me this season as much as Lewis Hamilton’decision to leave McLaren and join Mercedes.


    peres iz without a doubt the biggest surprise of the season. He surprised not only me but many other people by a near win miss and consistent results ,podiums and points,then sealing the deal with mclaren after just 2 full season in the sport,after that discovering that he’s constantly worse almoast at every last round of the season. And all together is an impressive surprise. Like Juan Pablo back at good old days.


    Hamilton and Mclaren partin ways was a bit of a surprise… so was 7 different race winners in the first 7 races.


    In No particular order:

    7 winners in 7 races
    Ferrari’s race wins
    Hamilton to Mercedes
    Valencia putting on a good show
    Maldonado’s win
    Schumacher Q3 lap at Monaco

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