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    Who were the top 10 Ferrari drivers? Pick whoever you like even if no one else associates that driver as being that significant to Ferrari – an odd pick to many for instance might be Prost as he’s mostly connected with McLaren but if he was significant in a Ferrari to you then put him down.

    If you want to do this with other teams go ahead but I’m only really interested in Ferrari :P


    @stephanief1990 “top 10” as in best ever drivers to race for Ferrari or, as you later say, most “significant to Ferrari”? In any case, I think Luca Badoer deserves the top spot! :D

    Lucas Wilson

    Hasn’t this been discussed on here before?


    I was thinking more about who you think was the best but still significant for Ferrari. For instance: I’d say Surtees was an absolute legend but I never thought of him as a Ferrari driver in the same way I thought of Alesi as a Ferrari driver. It’s a really personal thing about what drivers meant to you in a team that attracts a lot of love and hate.

    Couldn’t find one similar Lucas so I started a thread. If it has been done I’d appreciate a link.


    Alright, let’s give this one a go. I don’t want to make a ranking because I think you can’t compare drivers from different eras. Also, I didn’t necessarily look at the drivers’ performance, but more what they meant to Ferrari – so there might be some strange names in this. Let’s say it like this: I consider the first five drivers ‘better as Ferrari drivers’ than the bottom five.

    Alberto Ascari
    Niki Lauda
    Gilles Villeneuve
    Michael Schumacher
    Fernando Alonso

    Tazio Nuvolari
    Juan Manuel Fangio
    Jacky Ickx
    Alain Prost
    Felipe Massa

    Lucas Wilson

    Sorry steph I was thinking of something else :-)


    Enzo seemed to rate this bloke pretty highly…


    I do too and would probably put him at the top of any list of Ferrari drivers, and top of my list of all the drivers for that matter. But rating them into a list rather depends on how you define the question, for example I reckon Prost was a greater driver than Schumacher and Alonso, but if we’re rating them on Ferrari performances alone I’d put him behind them.


    The problem with Villeneuve was that while he was super fast on his day, the match-up with his team-mate never really shouted “all-time great”. He reminds me a lot of Montoya, Webber, Massa and Button: unbeatable on his day, better than most good drivers, but absolute top of the line.
    *goes into hiding*


    Michael Schumacher
    Alberto Ascari
    Juan Manuel Fangio
    Alain Prost
    Niki Lauda
    Fernando Alonso


    For their significance, of course making the champions stood out more than the others. Especially the ones that define an era:
    Schumacher (ruled the early 2000s)
    Lauda (ruled the late 1970s)
    Ascari (before his death, 1950s)

    The other champions had just one title with Scuderia like Hawthorne, Phil Hill, Surtees, Scheckter, Raikkonen, also Fangio (he ruled the grid post-Ascari but known more for his Mercedes and Maserati time)

    And the loved ones, although didn’t manage to win title: Mansell, Villeneuve, Alesi, Massa and Alonso.

    The best ten in my opinion, in terms of talent, ability and achievements in reds are:
    1. MSC
    2. Ascari
    3. Lauda
    4. Fangio
    5. Mansell
    6. Alonso
    7. Raikkonen
    8. Villeneuve
    9. Barrichello
    10. Prost


    Using the “most significant contribution to Ferrari” criteria, in the world championship era (sorry Tazio!) and in no particular order:

    1. MSC (You can’t think of the modern Scuderia without picturing this guy)
    2. Lauda (Largely responsible for mid 70’s purple patch)
    3. Fangio (I can’t find any reason not to include the greatest driver of that generation in my list!)
    4. Alonso (Trying to give the team drive and direction post MSC that Raikkonen couldn’t manage)
    5. Gilles (No man drove for the team with more passion. Arguably the driver most associated with the team other than MSC)
    6. Ascari (Their first world champion, that’s significant in my book)
    7. Alesi (Drove for the team the same way Gilles did)
    8. Berger (Winning at Monza after Enzo’s death, team legend status instantly confirmed)
    9. Badoer (Made a huge and largely unrecognized contribution to their domination of the naughties)
    10. Massa (He is Ferrari through and through, for better or worse)


    My list is based specifically on what they have achieved for Ferrari, and for Ferrari only.

    1. Michael Schumacher
    2. Niki Lauda
    3. Alberto Ascari
    4. Juan Manuel Fangio
    5. Fernando Alonso
    6. Kimi Raikkonen
    7. Alain Prost
    8. Rubens Barrichello
    9. Nigel Mansell
    10. Felipe Massa


    In order by year:
    J Gonzalez – overshadowed by Ascari but gave Ferrari their first win and many podiums
    A Ascari – two titles, started the Ferrari F1 legend
    L Bandini – a promising Italian in an Italian team
    J Ickx – won many races in one of Ferrari’s worst moments
    N Lauda – helped Ferrari return to the title after eleven years
    G Villeneuve – meant a lot to every Ferrari fan
    M Alboreto – an Italian who almost won a title for Ferrari in 1985
    J Alesi – joined Ferrari in one of their worst moments but committed to the team
    M Schumacher – gave Ferrari their second resurgeance, title after 21 years
    F Alonso – has led Ferrari fans to believe in a new Schumacher era, he’s now mentioned more than him in Italy


    Pffft, @fixy managed to beat me into saying Froilan Gonzalez!

    So……..l’ll say Enzo Ferrari. Yes, he didn’t do much as a racing driver, but he was a racing driver, and he contributed a lot to Ferrari.

    Just not as a racing driver :p


    1) Alonso
    2) Lauda
    3) Schumacher
    4) Villenueve
    5) Ascari
    6) Alesi
    7) Raikkonen
    8) Prost
    9) Fangio
    10) Pironi

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