Ten best Ferrari drivers

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    Top ten Ferrari drivers of all time:
    1) MSC of course on top. The man gave Ferrari their past glory back and led a dominance that the sport had never seen by then.
    2) Niki Lauda. Highly responsible for the team rise in the seventies. Legendary driver that gave Ferrari much more than the team would have ever hoped from any driver.
    3) Alberto Ascari. The frontman during Ferrari’s first dominance in the early 50’s. Plus the only Italian who has really made it in a Ferrari.
    4) Gilles Villeneuve. An icon for Ferrari. The idol for every fan of the prancing horse team. Relentless, blindingly fast, daring and passionate he was all the team stands for.
    5) Jacky Ickx. May not have been a serious championship contender but the way things were in the team back then, few could argue that someone else would have done a better job.
    6) Fernando Alonso. The 2012 season should suffice but he drove brilliantly in every season for the team. Must be the smartest Driver in the grid today and no matter what some say he hasn’t lost anything from his speed during his Renault days.
    7) Felipe Massa. 8 straight years driving for the sport’s most prestigious team means that he is special. Born and raised in the Ferrari family has given us some of the strongest moments we have ever experienced. The 2008 Brazilian GP will always be remembered by every Ferrari fan as the most bittersweet race we have ever watched!
    8) Gerhard Berger. During the darkest days of Ferrari gave the tifosi some hope that things could change for the better.
    9)Michelle Alboretto. The 1985 F1 world championship may still be the biggest lost opportunity by a team to win the title. If Enzo hadn’t switched mid-season for that Garett device Michelle would be now the 1985 WDC. His performance at the Monaco GP that year will never be forgotten.
    10) Nigel Mansell. Il leone as he wan named by the tifosi. His victories in the Brazilian and the Hungarian Grand Prix of 1989 were equally amazing as some of the most daring overtakes he demonstrated in his Ferrari 2 year stint. Who could forget Jacarepagua 1990???


    I like everyones posts, they’re well thought out. Mine are purely personal from what I know of the past.

    1. M. Schumacher – He rebuilt Ferrari, not only did he drive the wheels off that dog of a car in 96, but he brought in Brawn and co…
    2. N. Lauda – He rebuilt Ferrari as well, however, I think Schumacher did it with more of a team feel, whereas Lauda came in with a level of determination, that probably was more akin to Senna.
    3. G. Villeneuve – I chose him as #3, not because of his contribution to Ferrari, but because the man was an icon, and as such the scarlet team became more of an icon than it had been before.
    4. A. Ascari – If Enzo could choose his sons, Ascari would have been at the fore. The man dominated in an era where seat belts didn’t exist, and that a leather cap and pair of googles were the only head wear.
    5. F. Alonso – This man has carved out his own identity within the scarlet team, from the shadows of a truly dominating era of the teams recent past. This is no mean feat, when in the early 00’s, M. Schu not only won championships, but absolutely owned them. Every man up until Alonso that drove for Ferrari had been constantly compared against the great man in Schumacher, but now we only get ad hoc quotes from the odd driver like Massa. Full respect to Alonso, time will tell if he leaps ahead in my list, although, Schumacher and co really did take Ferrari from mid-pack to champions like no other.

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