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    Boxcar Racer

    Since the demise of USF1 there has been an opening for another team to join the F1 circus; who would you like to see fill this spot? Personally I would love to see Prodrive get the 13th slot because then we, potentially, could have Aston Martin in F1, which would be awesome. Failing that, Tata Motors because the idea of a Rover F1 car is something I would love to see. What about you guys?


    I would hope to see one of the ‘bigger racing teams’ enter rather than a smaller outfit, so teams like Prodrive, Carlin or RML would be preferable.

    I’ve wondered whether teams which have only competed in single make series are good candidates for the 13th slot on the F1 grid. We’ve seen Marussia (Manor Motorsport) step up to F1 and I just wonder if a team with years of experience in building cars would’ve got a bit further up the grid by now?




    Maybe Porsche, Lamborghini or Bugatti. Then VAG would have VW in rally, Audi in endurance and DTM and some luxury brand in F1. With their experience and resources, they could reach the top pretty fast.

    Bradley Downton

    Lola have been putting in a strong bid to enter come 2013, but personally, I’d like to see Prodrive. Or Carlin, a great, proper, British team.


    I think F1 should have more car manufacturers involved in the sport, so I’d prefer to see if the 13th slot filled by a car manufacturer team (i.e. Lamborghini, BMW, Audi etc.).


    I would just like to see a beemer on the track once again.
    Though it would be very exciting to see Pagani on the grid, but with such a limited production I doubt they are able to raise the sort of money that is required to go racing in F1 any day soon.


    I don’t care who I see, as long as they can make it into the midfield quickly. I know, that’s much, much easier said than done but that’s what I think. E.g. I would rather see Stefan GP with a car challenging for midfield than a company like Volkswagen with a car stuck at the back of the field.

    Bradley Downton

    If Volkswagen enter they won’t be at the back, they’ve said they’d rather wait and build a car to fight at the front than come in earlier and be at the back. If they’re at the back, they’ll leave again straight away.


    I’d like any independent team to come in, but judging by the latest newcomers, it’s difficult to make your mark in F1 these days. What happened to the days of Jordan and Sauber, who stepped in and were competitive from the word go?

    Felipe Bomeny

    I’d love to see Honda return to the sport. If it happened, I would assume the team would use the Acura brand in its title, as luxury cars have become trendy in F1 (Mercedes’ return, Infiniti sponsorship). Having a VW brand team would also be a plus, but they’re not joining the grid immediately.

    Luca di Montezemelo has expressed interest in supplying Ferrari engines to Penske. Personally, I think Penske would be a great addition to the field.


    Now Mario Andretti said recently he wanted to see a third car, from a competitive team, for a “special guest” driver. That’s how he got started in F1. And Gilles Villeneuve and Mansell. Prost was offered one, but turned it down…sounded a great idea to me.

    When Luca Montezemolo regularly says he wants a third Ferrari, does he say who he wants to drive it?

    Wouldn’t it be great to see a Ferrari-backed team. They’d have to design a separate car, but Ferrari have the resources to do that. They could share knowledge and technology (as McLaren do with Force India, but more – as much as they can get away with). As for drivers…
    – Ferrari-backed drivers such as Bianchi and Pérez
    – talented drivers (mostly Italian, but not necessarily) like Valsecchi who’ve suffered too long from the lack of a Minardi to give them a foothold in F1.
    – …and the special guests. This would be ideal for Kubica if he recovers sufficiently. Rossi (Valentino, but why not Alex), Franchitti, Will Power, Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson?

    The team could be called Alfa Romeo. Or Maserati…


    Alfa or Maserati would be great, but I’d want real involvement, not a Lotus sponsorship situation. Prodrive would also be nice, and Lola too if done properly. No third cars though- it would be too unfair unless they weren’t eligible for either WDC or WCC points. Bugatti returning to GP racing after 75 years would be cool, again if done with manufacturer involvement from Bugatti and not just VW with the Bugatti name tagged on.


    Alfa or Maserati won’t enter as they are Fiat owned, Toyota are WEC-ing so I doubt they’d come back soon.
    I’d prefer a team to enter that wants to go racing rather than try and sell its economical 1L hatchback,
    Vanwall, Surtees, Shadow, Arrows, Brabham, Benetton, BRM, Jordan all lasted longer than Honda, Spyker or Jaguar did.
    todays manufactures are few and far between, VAG, Fiat, GM and Fiat contain most of the marques sold today with the others having other motorsports already Merc and BM in DTM, CitreonPeugeot group winning/ruining the WRC.

    so I’d prefer a team that wants to go racing, we all love an underdog! somebody get Andrea Sassetti on the phone and see if he wants to bring back Andrea Moda!


    Aston Martin, Audi or BMW

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