The all time fantasy team in modern F1

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    The top 5 teams ever in F1 is as follows

    1- Ferrari

    2- Mclaren

    3- Williams

    4- Benetton

    5- Renault

    Recently we can all see that Red Bull is on it’s way to become a dominant team, but I have an eye on Mercedes GP, with a little tweaking and Rosberg more polished I can see them contending for championship in the near future.

    The all star lineup if time was not an issue will be as follows:

    1- M. Schumacher

    2- A. Prost

    3- A. Senna

    4- N. Piquet

    5- F. Alonso

    6- M. Hakkinen

    7- N. Mansell

    8- K. Raikkonen

    9- G. Hill

    10- L. Hamilton

    11- J. Villeneuve

    12- S. Vettel

    13- J. Button

    Now the above list is based on statistics only, meaning as time goes on some of the names at the bottom can leap frog upwards. The two most likely to do so are Vettel and Hamilton.

    Now, this is up for debate and if I have left any team or anyone out… discuss among yourselves


    Anyone wants to comment? I just thought since this site is going through the champion of champions that I would write this article and see people’s thoughts about both the best drivers and teams.


    Yeah how come you have Button at 13? I do not think he is good enough to be up there. You don’t have the likes of Jim Clark of Jackie Stewart and I think that Fernando Alonso could move up that list.


    Benneton and Renault are kind of the same team..ish


    To Faraz, the reason why I didn’t add the likes of Jim Clark and Jackie Stewart is because in my definition, they are not considered modern F1 drivers. I consider modern F1 to be from the late 80’s and on. I know there are many great drivers before that but honestly if you look at the cars now in terms of power, technology and aerodynamics it all started to be over the top from the mid to late 80’s. You are right though about Button, I can’t say whether he will be good but he did win a championship and is in a competative team with a great teammate… so we shall see how the story unfolds with him.

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