The ’BBC to stop broadcasting F1 live’ rumour

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    @peacockantony I wouldn’t be surprised if BBC management changes its mind. That’s a very management thing to do, anyway.

    I say it’s very much possible, but I don’t think it’s true just yet.



    this is coming during the season that the BBC’s contract was due to end anyway.

    No it isn’t – read the original post.


    @keithcollantine I think what @peacockantony means is that had the BBC NOT renewed the F1 deal in 2011, it would’ve expired at the end of this year. But they opted instead to have the sharing deal run to 2018. He’s asking, if the BBC really wanted to drop F1 at the end of 2013, why do the sharing deal to 2018 when they could’ve just waited it out?



    “illegal” online streams. They’re not difficult to find. In fact, the harder it is to find F1 on actual television, the easier it’ll be to find streams online.

    The quality can be crap, but it’s better than nothing.


    @keithcollantine I meant their original contract was due to end at the end of this season originally, before they renegotiated it and extended it until 2018.

    @Journeyer you got what I meant anyway.


    “illegal” online streams. They’re not difficult to find. In fact, the harder it is to find F1 on actual television, the easier it’ll be to find streams online.

    The quality can be crap, but it’s better than nothing”

    Poor streams are better than having to fork out roughly £45 at the cheapest to Sky to watch their coverage.
    Luckily I signed up to Sky (switched from VM due to their increasing prices) in time to still get Sky Sports F1 channel via the HD pack. I will not however ever buy the Sky Sports pack.

    Malcolm Tucker

    It’s a big shame but I’ve already adjusted. Within about 2 hours after the race has finished you can easily find full race downloads links/torrents so within 3 hours of the race I’m watching it in glorious HD, much better than live streaming. I’d much rather watch live but so long as I avoid finding out what happened before I watch it then there isn’t really any difference.

    Also, anyone who is worried about losing the BBC commentary for full races, you need not worry. Setanta use the BBC commentary even when BBC is only showing highlights so you can still savour the BBC experience regardless. Even if the BBC never show full races they will always have Ben and David there commentating on the full race live, and they will probably always welcome the fee from Setanta to use it

    GT Racer

    Regarding ‘illegal streams’.
    Sky are working hard to clamp down on them, Don’t know if anyone has noticed but you may often see numbers appear above the Sky F1 logo, Thats an Anti-Piracy feature as its displaying your viewing card number.
    If your providing a stream, They will see your viewing card number & start legal action against you.

    @Tayyib, As I said in an earlier posting an official streaming service from FOM is complex because of the broadcast rights.
    Its easier for the NFL because the way the TV rights are handled is different. In the US the TV rights tend to be owned by the broadcaster (Fox, ESPN etc…) so if that broadcaster is OK with a streaming service its easier to do.
    Indycar used to have a streaming service but the NBC deal put a stop to that as NBC (Well Versus as it was at the time) brought the TV rights & decided to block the streaming service.


    @gt-racer Well, that explains why the major feeds have had the screen (and thus the Sky F1 logo) partially chopped off at the top lately – to hide the viewing card number.


    @gt-racer that’s not something that’s really that hard to get around though. I’d imagine most of the serious stream providers would have the equipment to put their own logo over the SkyF1 logo and viewing card number.

    That being said as an American it’s kind of hard for me to feel “pity” on the fact that you guys might not have any free-to-air coverage of F1 anymore. I mean I know the TV culture is different there then here but most of our racing is on cable anyway. 20 out of 36 NASCAR Cup races are on cable (as are the majority of Nationwide Series & all of the Truck Series races), all but 4 F1 races are on cable, most of the Indycar races are on cable, pretty much all of the Grand-Am & ALMS races are on cable, majority of Supercross, Motocross & Sportbike racing is on cable, etc etc etc. Heck even most of the NHL, NBA, MLS, Golf & MLB games are on cable channels.


    Well if FOM did launch an online service, i’d hope they went the whole hog and offered all the FOM channels (World Feed, Pitlane etc.) in a vanilla form, live & uncut from the moment they go on air. Sky & the BBC cut out a lot of pre-race stuff, before the FOM Jingle. I did a word document a while ago outlining my ideal hopes if FOM did launch an online service: http://t.co/7nhoZHSQ3V

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