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    I followed F1 since 2006, and I say Bahrain 2014 is very thrilling, second is Brazil 2012 and third Brazil 2008


    Probably the 1957 German Grand Prix.
    “Fangio, who was starting from pole, had taken notice of the tire and fuel-level selection of the Ferrari drivers, and realized they were probably going to run the entire race without a pit stop. Fangio decided he would use softer tires, and only a half tank of fuel. This would allow the car to take corners faster, but also require a pit stop. Fangio took his pit stop on lap 13, in 1st place, and 30 seconds ahead of Hawthorn and Collins.

    The pit stop was a disaster; the mechanic removing the rear left wheel let the wheel nut roll under the car without noticing, and finding it took nearly half a minute. Fangio left the pit lane in 3rd place, and 48 seconds behind Collins who was in 2nd place. But with his well balanced Maserati 250F (ideal for a circuit like the Nürburgring), he was able to mount a charge. Over the next 10 laps, Fangio broke and rebroke the lap record 9 times (7 of the records were in successive laps, and he took 15.5 seconds off Hawthorn’s lead in the first lap, then another 8.5 seconds in the next lap). Early in the 21st lap, Fangio went on the inside of the left corner at the ESSO Terrasse taking 2nd place from Collins. Late in the 21st lap, during a left corner, Fangio cut past Hawthorn on the inside of the corner, with only his right tires on the track and his left tires on the grass. Fangio maintained his lead, but not easily, as Hawthorn fought back, nearly overtaking Fangio at a few corners, but to no avail, and Fangio won the race.

    After the race, Fangio commented, “I have never driven that quickly before in my life and I don’t think I will ever be able to do it again”.”


    hmm… the best races that I keep going back to watch again…

    well, I’d have to say the following three:

    2014 Bahrain GP
    I’m pretty sure everyone else will have the description of this race down-pat too, but can’t be beaten for providing a battle between the best of the best at the front for such a sustained time.
    The battles Senna and Prost had never went for such a long time at such a close proximity.

    1997 European GP
    3 cars with the same pole lap time, older style battle of raw pace and controversy, with a nice finnish.

    1996 Spanish GP
    I loved watching Schuey drive through everyone in the rain… Made everyone look like rookies

    honorable mentions to 2012 Brazilian GP and 2008 Brazilian GP’s
    They’re pretty damn close in terms of the drama they provided, but I never find myself watching them again.

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