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    I mentioned the original Imola circuit as one of my favorite tracks of all-time earlier today and that got me thinking what the greatest tracks ever were. So I did the logical thing to do and started ranking all great tracks I know. I only included the my prefered layout of a certain track, unless the new version is significantly different (like Francorchamps, Interlagos, Sachsenring and Charade). Here is my top 40:

    1. Nürbürgring Gesamtstrecke (1927-1939)
    2. Spa-Francorchamps (1947-1978)
    3. Suzuka (1983-2001)
    4. Solitudering (1922?-1965)
    5. Mount Panorama (1987-Present)
    6. Spa-Francorchamps (1982-2003)
    7. Watkins Glen (1984-Present)
    8. Mosport (1961?-Present)
    9. Sachsenring (1937?-1971?)
    10. Imola (1953-1972)
    11. Zandvoort (1948-1972)
    12. Charade (1959-1988)
    13. Virginia (1957-Present)
    14. Opatija (1939?-1977)
    15. Monaco (1973-1975)
    16. Road Atlanta (1996-Present)
    17. Rouen-les-Essarts (1955-1973)
    18. Bridgehampton (1957-1998)
    19. Interlagos (1936-1989)
    20. Potrero de los Funes [without chicanes] (1987?-2007?)
    21. Cadwell Park (1962-Present)
    22. Sears Point (2000-Present)
    23. Monza (1976-1999)
    24. Mont Tremblant (1965-2003)
    25. Longford (1953-1968)
    26. Interlagos (1990-Present)
    27. Reims-Gueux (1954-1972)
    28. Österreichring (1970-1976)
    29. Le Mans (1956-1967)
    30. Brands Hatch (1959-1975)
    31. Montjuïc (1969-1975)
    32. Grobnik (1978-Present)
    33. Kyalami (1968-1985)
    34. Mid-Ohio (1990-Present)
    35. Barber (2003-Present)
    36. Istanbul (2005-Present)
    37. Laguna Seca (1963-1987)
    38. Road America (1955-Present)
    39. Sachsenring (1996-Present)
    40. Charade (1989?-Present)

    There are few tracks that I think are great, but I never got to try them out for myself in a sim. If you know where to get any of these, please let me know. These are:

    Assen (pre-1983)
    Batu Tiga / Shah Alam
    Gnoo Blas
    Lasarte / San Sebastian
    Masaryk / Brno (pre-1982)
    Prince George / East London
    Reims-Gueux (pre-1951)
    Schleizer Dreieck (pre-1956)
    Thomson Road

    Feel free to post your own favorite tracks of all-time!


    laguna seca #37? i dunno….


    @f1yankee Up until ’87, Laguna Seca didn’t have the Andretti Hairpin (Turn 1) followed by the two right handers and the slow left. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it went from turn 1 straight up the hill to the quick left that leads to the Corkscrew. I don’t know of any other changes, but it used to be a pretty fast, yet short track.


    I am far too young to know all of these tracks, nor do I follow any Motorsport other than F1 and GP2 for that matter. However, these are the 19 circuits on the 2012 calendar, from best to worse. I have no judgement on the Texas track until I see a race there.

    The circuits are based on legacy, originality, and ability to produce exciting racing:

    1. Suzuka
    2. Monaco
    3. Spa
    4. Monza
    5. Silverstone
    6. Montreal
    7. Interlagos
    8. Albert Park
    9. Hungaroring
    10. Catalunya

    The next 10 are Tilkedromes with next to no legacy:
    11. Shanghai
    12. Sepang
    13. Singapore
    14. Buddh
    15. Sakhir
    16. Yeongam
    17. Hockenheim (the old track was so much better!)
    18. Valencia
    19. Yas Marina

    Sad that somehow, out of these 19 tracks, only the top 8-9 deserve to be on the calendar imo.


    @DamionShadows i will not correct you, because i do not know :P


    @f1yankee Lol, I was just saying it was a different circuit then than it is today. Apart from the Corkscrew, it’s not terribly spectacular as Prisoner Monkeys is keen to point out :)

    The tracks of old such as Spa, Nurburgring, Watkins Glen, and La Sarthe can never be equaled in my opinion. Modern La Sarthe, Suzuka, Monza, Spa, and Monaco are some of the best of the current generation due to the challenges and atmosphere that is unique to each one.


    Same boat as Kingshark, only there’s one thing I’d add – I never saw the appeal of insanely long tracks, such as the old Nurburgring. All it does is artificially increase tedium, whilst not adding any actual difficulties to the track. I’d add the fact that fans would not like missing out on much of the action, but then I’ve never been one for excitement.

    I’ve also never understood all this “legacy” nonsense. Why should it matter how old and/or “renowned” a track is? It’s not going to automatically make it any better. Monaco is the ultimate example of that.

    My top 20 of today’s F1 tracks, as I would rather not count the older tracks simply based on older videos:
    0. Istanbul (I still firmly believe that it will make a comeback some day)
    1. Spa
    2. Silverstone
    3. Suzuka
    4. Interlagos
    5. Singapore (!!!) (More difficult than Monaco, more exciting than Monaco (barely) and it’s a night race.)
    6. Shanghai
    7. Montreal (WHAT, exactly, is the point of the wall of champions anyway? It’s what costs it a top 3 finish)
    8. Albert Park
    9. Sepang
    10. Hockenheim (I value it higher than the old one)
    11. Monza (dead to me ever since the teams went with the usual massive downforce setup on it)
    12. Hungaroring (might jump a few places later this year as I’m planning to go to the circuit)
    13. Catalunya (suffice it to say, I do NOT like that they changed turns 13-15 so much.)
    14. Yas Marina
    15. Buddh
    16. Monaco (absolute failure of a track. And I’m not one for celebrities or any other nonsensical stuff.)
    17. Sakhir
    18. Yeongnam
    19. Valencia
    ??. Austin (I have no idea how it is, but it looks like a 8-15 track to me…)


    “All it does is artificially increase tedium, whilst not adding any actual difficulties to the track.”
    But Nurburgring is a notoriously difficult track, largely due to its length.

    And what do you mean by what’s the point of the wall of champions? It’s just a wall that is there partly because there isn’t space for run-off, but has the great side effect of adding technical difficulty. What about that made you rate Montreal so low?


    @pamphlet I think the appeal (to me anyways) of those insanely long tracks are that people actually raced them flat out in the first place. Back then it took real courage to drive those tracks in jokes they called “race cars” on laughable surfaces called “roads”. These were more often than not flat-out public roads, where potholes, sudden bumps, trees right on the edge of the road would claim anyone who made the slightest of errors with death often being the end result. I understand why you would think the long distances “artificially increases tedium, whilst not adding any real difficulties” based on how racing is today. To me, the fact that great names such as Stewart, Ickx, and Moss tamed them is reason enough to hold those tracks in such high esteem.


    @damionshadows @f1yankee Indeed, the old Laguna Seca was a short blast and then the corkscrew. A really fun track, without those useless turns.

    @pamphlet The ‘ring is so long, because it’s designers wanted to include every type of corner imaginable. It also makes that track conditions can very a lot between different parts of the track, which adds a unique challenge for the drivers. I agree that races there must have been boring, but the track itself is second to none imo.

    Also, Monaco is not only there because of it’s “legacy”. It’s a very challenging track with unique corners. The layout I think is best was reasonably quick as well, because the first and last corners and the chicane after the tunnel weren’t as tight.


    Here is how I would rank the current F1 tracks, including Istanbul and Nürbürgring:

    1. Spa-Francorchamps
    2. Suzuka
    3. Interlagos
    4. Monaco
    5. Monza
    6. Istanbul
    7. Montréal
    8. Silverstone
    9. Nürbürgring
    10. Sepang
    11. Albert Park
    12. Buddh
    13. Hungaroring
    14. Catalunya
    15. Yeongam
    16. Sakhir
    17. Valencia
    18. Shanghai
    19. Marina Bay
    20. Hockenheim
    21. Yas Marina

    The cut-off point for good is Silverstone and the cut-off for acceptable is Hungaroring. I expect Austin somewhere between Istanbul and Nürbürgring.

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