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    If North Korea tried to attack the US they would probably be a smoking crater within a few days.

    Smoking crater? Are you proposing that NATO sink the country with a barrage of nuclear warheads? Rather unlikely to happen, the Americans proved their point in 1945.
    Also, I heard Anonymous hacked into the North Korean government website and just left the message “We are Anonymous”. Ha!

    Aish Heydrich

    Well isn’t Pakistan in a state of war with India? Being in a state of war doesn’t mean that there might be war, even though I do hope these countries like Pak and NK start something soon, WWIII will be like Webber and Vettel.
    USA will be like Horner, trying to calm things down.
    Germany will do a Jacques Villeneuve, “Don’t do it, see what happened to my father?”


    If the North attacked the South, the South would have the war won before the Americans even got their carriers wet.

    They may have millions in their ‘army’ but this is essentially a third world country. Only a tiny fraction of that is armed at any one time, the rest is essentially an unarmed militia.

    Comparisons with the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan are invalid. Any struggles the US are facing in those states is because their equipment and doctrine were based on likely conflicts during the Cold War. The Abrams, the A10, the Mk19 etc were all designed to fight Soviet style, mass infantry and armoured warfare, not insurgents. Exactly the kind of fight the North Koreans seem to be trying to pick.


    If the North attacked the South, the South would have the war won before the Americans even got their carriers wet.

    Hey, thats unfair.

    The South Koreans may die of laughter first.

    Aish Heydrich

    Heyyyy sexy lady…

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Thank you for that incredible insight into the situation, @aish.


    Haha, brilliant


    Not a good situation!

    F1- China next week ok, South Korea is a who knows! I have always had respect for Bernie Eccolstone and think he is a genius- not unlike Adrian Newey but in a different field! These days I am not so sure. He seems to place races in places where they really should not be.

    Barhain an issue & Turkey maybe they forgot to advertise for the fans? Now we have Korea- a major issue. For us on this site we love our F1 boys and while we idolise them and treat them as heros we know they really are just blokes- apparentley Lewis needs to eat, sleep, S**t and enjoys women too!! :)
    But as F1 is international they, and F1 in general, are now a target! If I were BE there would be no race in Korea this year and not again for a long time- would Man U have a match in Iraq?

    Politics- No idea hey! Again we have a loose cannon running a nation- how & why!!?? Not the first and last time but serious, his guy is dangerous!! None of us like war and good (no- GREAT) soilders get killed- I dont know how many Aussies we have lost but know very little compared to the US of A and the UK, and others- but everytime I hear we have lost a troop my stomach turns!!

    All of us on this site are free to do so at our will (but my wife does complain I care too much about F1- not true LOL) but imagine being told how to live- day in , day out”. I read a comment saying ” we dont want to go to war, but if we dont do so and kill him now the next 50 years of the North Korean will be like their last 50 years……..”………………………………………… Hmmmmmm…………. too much logic there for me to argue!!!!

    Peace to all & go Mark Webber!!!!! :)


    North koreas only nuclear weapons tested had a yield of between 6 and 20 kilotons. Their missiles aren’t known to have even been tested. They pose no threat to the united states and any further testing will put them at risk of strategic bombing by the us. North Korea always does this; political and military posturing which is primarily for the purpose of getting trade out of America in return for their backing down. It’s the only card they have up their sleeve and they use it every few years or so. They may have a huge army but they are a third world country with very little real military strength, they just puff out their chests and make empty threats to get what they want, which certainly isn’t war, as that would bring a prompt end to their country. Don’t read into it too much, they’re like the Chihuahua of the world – all bark and no bite.


    Don’t believe everything you read in the Western media. I live in Korea, and nothing is happening. Nothing has changed. Nobody is worried. This kind of rhetoric happens every few years. The Grand Prix will be ditched because it’s awful (no interest, no atmosphere, no money) and is a massive waste of money.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    This kind of rhetoric happens every few years.

    The United States cancelling a missile test and deploying missile interceptors to the region, however, is not.

    Force Maikel

    The North has now officially demanded all foreigners to leave North-Korea. The situation is not improving. There’s talk now that a new nuclear test is on the way.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    There’s talk now that a new nuclear test is on the way.

    That’s actually only half the story. The South Koreans aren’t sure if the North are genuinely planning another test, or if they’re simply trying to make it look like they are so as to put pressure on the Americans.


    In my opinion, chances the Korean GP will get cancelled are getting bigger. Now, North Korea has officially declared war with the South and many things might happen in the coming days. Same thing goes for the Japanese GP, although we don’t know what could happen and how it will happen.

    Force Maikel

    @diehardfanatic They don’t need to declare war on one another because they never signed a peace treaty after the Korean War, only an armistice and a cease-fire agreement where signed. So technically they’ve been at war since 1950. That’s why they created the DMZ.

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