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    bet bernie is feeling lucky that the korean gp is part of the later fly away races!


    @Force Maikel yeah your right. It’s just that the escalation of the situation might affect the upcoming GPs. But more to that I just hope that they are bluffing. Besides of the chances that the upcoming GPs be affected, the fact that possible war is an issue of concern. Ironically most of the South Koreans I know are not affected at all. I guess they’re just used to it.

    Aish Heydrich

    Suddenly all the South Koreans are behaving like Finnish people, all calm and unfazed by this issue.


    @Aish Heydrich Lol. It seems that s whats happening. I just have a gut feeling though that they’re just bluffing.Something funny happened to me. I laughed at myself while reading this: http://www.f1deals.com/blog/motorsport-flag-marshals.html#more-2768. I was asking myself “so that’s what that color is for, what was I thinking this whole time?”

    Anyway I just thought, Are there any South Korean drivers?


    The tensions have eased considerably in the intervening months. South Korea and North Korea are resuming talks over reopening the joint industrial zone:



    Good to hear, can’t really see the race being boycotted, even if NK restart their pointless rhetoric

    Chris Yu Rhee

    The sky is falling!
    I haven’t been here in a while, but decided to check things out because there is NOTHING in Korean media about the race. Nothing.
    N. Korea is just a dog barking at the moon. I have lived in S. Korea for over a decade, and dealing with Korea for over 25 years. I can see N. Korea if I drive up the coast a bit.
    There is nothing to worry about-except that it appears no one cares about the race here.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Blame the promoters. Making the public aware of the race and getting them to attend is, quite literally, their job title. They’ve clearly failed in that regard.

    Chris Yu Rhee

    Honestly, I blame the idiot(s) that decided to build the track in Yeongam. Koreans don’t even go there unless they are in the shipbuilding industry.
    If you look at my posts from before the first race was held, I knew this whole thing would end up being a typical Korean ************. We met the director for advertising and promotional materials last year. He told us he was quitting because he couldn’t take the stress anymore. I guess he did…
    There is NOTHING anywhere about the race-in Korean or English.
    I was surprised last year by some Red Bull crew members-they got out of there before we did! LOL
    I’m not going this year. Is anyone here going?


    Hey Chris I want to go…. anywhere where I can get discounted tickets?? Any sale going on right now?? what location will be good ?? would it be easy to drive from Seoul to gwangju and then to the circuit?? how long , driving, between the circuit and Busan???



    I am going.. is somebody e se going to the korena race?


    @Senna1977 Miguel, I am going. I replied in the other thread. Shoot me an email and we can talk more. Sprocket_44t@yahoo.com

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