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    So yesterday was interesting and fun. Or at least it started out that way, as we got rolling in the live blog for FP2.

    The live blog is a small, and loved institution. Last year was particularly fun, as we had some great conversation, and asides on history, acronyms, personal experiences, poems, jokes, and all sort that made it a varied experience. It was a hub of a few regular members of the F1F community and the huge numbers of less regular fans who are not so well known, but contribute a lot in the way of facts, and viewpoints and comments. It’s a bazar sometimes, of perspectives and personalities.

    This is the live blog I know and love. It’s great, it’s fun, it’s F1 and it’s people centric.

    Yesterday however, (and I’m not bitter, I just think it should be raised), about 5 of my 8 comments in FP2 got deleted within seconds. I was told I was ‘off-topic’. This, stole the joy out of the thing, myself and a few others rued the strictness of the occasion. Seemingly, jokes, asides, and anything personal can’t enter the room. Strictly F1 times, and specifics directly related to the events on track, and nothing else.

    When you listen to F1 commentary, it’s nothing like that austere, and when you watch it with others, in a pub, in a house, or online, it’s nowhere near that restricted.

    I know it’s the action of 1 mod, who perhaps is new, and a bit over zealous, but, be careful. To take the fun out of the live blog, is to send people elsewhere.

    Having modded myself for lots of last years practice and quali sessions, abusive, offensive remarks should be removed, and those repeated questions about where to find a live feed, but that’s all really.

    F1 fans come to the live blog to talk about F1, we should just leave it at that.

    This of course, is just my opinion. If I’m wrong, please, feel free to correct me.


    Ned Flanders

    I wasn’t on the live blog today so I can’t comment on your complaints specifically, but I agree with the gist of what you’re saying. If we had nothing but comments saying exactly what we can see for ourselves on screen, it’s not going to be much fun. Also, I still don’t think the direct reply feature works very well, but that’s another issue


    Yeah, I noticed that. I replied to one of your comments and it never appeared, apparently because the original comment was in the process of being deleted.

    It was a bit off-topic, but it was just a bit of banter and I think it killed what conversation was going. There was very little movement in the chat after that.


    at this moment, i’d like to point out I only moderate the forums :D

    More seriously, it might be worth emailing this to Keith if you are concerned about it because I don’t know how much he reads the forums – especially during a GP weekend!


    @Ral That’s my point, the banter is the joy of the event. The social human side to the engineering sport we love to love. That’s at the heart of a bubbling community, is the freedom to speak your mind, your feelings. If you feel you’re going to be repressed in a dictatorial fashion because of something you say, you don’t bother saying anything.

    Imagine if the BBC applied the same rule of thumb to Crofty and Co. Karun Chandok wouldn’t get a word in. :)

    It’s a shame, I’ve come to love the live blog over the time I’ve used it.


    @sw6569 I’d like to gather some consensus before I go championing my own opinion.

    It could be that I’m wrong, and really, I should keep quiet on the blog. But that’s not who I am, so the live blog wont be a place I’d really enjoy being. I love the banter, the community, the people, the jokes, I love the social stuff.

    ( incidentally, I’ve always thought you’ve done a very fair job on the forums :) )


    I haven’t done a quali on the live blog in ages! I’ll try my best to be up for it tomorrow ;)


    Hare, I remember deleting a comment of yours about a film. I did so because it was off-topic.

    I appreciate you may think it’s a bit harsh but when it comes to the live blog I have to draw a line. If everyone can come on and post on any subject they like it quickly becomes irrelevant and useless for those who’ve come here to talk about F1 – which is what the site is here for.

    There is space on the forum for off-topic conversations and I encourage you to make use of that for talking about films (a topic which I could bore you all about for hours on end!)


    Ah well, perhaps live blog isn’t for me. Thanks Keith, all the best with it :)


    Good Morning everyone! I must say I am looking forward to FP3. This time without the stress of having to make my prediction before the session starts and we get going in the live blog.

    I must say, I understand what you say Hare about enjoying the live blog being a bit off topic at times and I think you are perfectly right. On the other hand, fact is, that it should be mainly about the GP weekend, the teams taking part and things around that, so I get that Keith has to draw a line somewhere.

    Especially with the thing getting bigger and bigger.

    I hope you give it another try on the live blog today (in a few minutes) and we can enjoy some discussions. I hope you enjoyed the movie by the way, both of you!

    Maybe if you cunninly device the reference to the movie to be somehow related to what we see in the session, Keith and the Mods will let it stand :-D.

    But I would say, we might start another forum tread on what we think is fine in the live blog and where to draw the line. That way we can all express what we want from it and the regulars who help moderate can join in as well to get an even better experience.


    Hi Hare,

    I do completely understand where you’re coming from, and as a moderator it is quite hard to make the decision to delete a comment or not, specially if it’s an off topic comment and not an offensive one. As I already told you, there is a fine line between moderating and killing the chat, and we always try to do our best in ensuring you all have a good time and enjoy F1. That said, I do hope that you do not take what happened personally, Keith was just being fair to the rest and trying to instill some sort of order otherwise it could be all over the place. It could’ve been anyone else’s comment, but this time it happened to be yours.

    I hope you still see that it’s not all bad. You’re one of the F1F regulars and we all enjoy your company and insights, hope you don’t let this get in the way!

    Hope to see you in the FP3 live blog which just started.. Opps late for the blog!


    “When you listen to F1 commentary, it’s nothing like that austere, and when you watch it with others, in a pub, in a house, or online, it’s nowhere near that restricted.”

    There’s aren’t a thousand people in an F1 commentary box and I doubt you have that many around your house watching the race.

    “F1 fans come to the live blog to talk about F1, we should just leave it at that.”



    To be honnest, despite the improvements in layout etc I’ve so far felt like the discussion and community that we had on the old liveblogs hasn’t really been recaptured, with a restructure like there’s I think it’s normal, hopefully we get it back. I think if we could log on with our F1F accounts that might encourage more people to use the new blog, an while I appreciate there are server issues the conversation does seem to be a little less relaxed then it was.

    I miss modding lol, liked the little moderating community, ah vell, im just happy to be on the liveblog. Posting as Z Noodles Mitchelson by the way, can’t be bothered to change my twitter name.


    @Keith I’m not going to argue with you. It’s your site, it’s your live blog. But, terms of the live blog, it’s not for me. I preferred the community and the banter on the live blog we had last year. You’re welcome to do as you wish, I have no say in that.

    However, the whole thing is too cold for me. So I wont be using it. I don’t like having the majority of my comments deleted, who would? I’m not compatible with your product. End of.


    I preferred the community and the banter on the live blog we had last year.

    There has been no change in this respect since last year. Same policy, different system.

    I don’t like having the majority of my comments deleted, who would?

    As I mentioned before I’m only aware of one of your comments that was deleted. I don’t know anything about the nature of the other comments that were deleted.

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