The ugliest F1 colour schemes!

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    I like most of them except for the Honda


    I’ve never been a fan of most 1990s backmarker liveries, ironically there’s a bunch I do like already posted! Most of them are just incoherent and not ugly per se. But some are.

    For instance the 1990 Larrouse:

    Or the 1997 Minardi: (largely due to there being no regard to the Mild Seven decals in the rest of the design)

    Not that the 1998 Minardi was much better:

    Mind you, I’ve got a thing against plain grey F1 cars.

    As for more modern F1, I found the later Earth car to be much worse than the first:

    The two ‘racing stripes’ just mess with my head.

    I was never a fan of BMW Williams’ nor BMW Sauber’s livery either, but looking at this thread I’m not sure they belong here.


    The McLaren of 2014, maybe it’s not the worst one on here, but this was dull and lacked imagination beyond anything.

    2014 McLaren

    In fairness I don’t think the car helped it much.

    2014 McLaren
    2014 McLaren


    @debaser91 Wasn’t that Ligier design a one-off for the Japanese Grand Prix that year?


    @keithcollantine I wasn’t aware of that, so I just did a bit of digging and apparently they ran it in Japan and Australia on Brundle’s car at the end of ’93.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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