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    From the beginning of the season, there were people (myself included) who wondered if F1 would be boring by removing refuelling. Our worst fear was thought to be true after Bahrain. Thankfully, the season so far has been extremely good with lots of overtaking and not just in the wet races but the drier ones too. And the championship looks to be a cracking one as well. What do you guys think of the season so far?


    From the perspective of an F1 fan, its been great, lots of really good races so far, no-one dominating every race (like the first half of last year), lots of up and down performances from the main contenders. It’s been nice to see a few promising rookies like Petrov, Kobayashi and Hulkenberg as well.

    From the perspective of a Ferrari fan, a disaster- the only two races won by them were universally panned for being dull or for farcical team orders. Plus Alonso (who I never wanted in the team over Raikkonen) has made too many mistakes, and Massa likely won’t win a race this year.

    So overall, good entertaainment and enough to make the people thinking F1 was dead after Bahrain look foolish.


    I was optimistic about the refueling ban, especially if the tyre choices were made in such a way that there would a one tyre that is just a bit too soft and another that is a bit too hard. The best example of this was the Turkey race. The only change I would really like to see for next year is removing the rev limiters to assist overtaking. I can’t really think of any other minor change that would improve the show (other than banning double diffusers and f-ducts).

    In the next revision of cars, which will be for the 2012 season, it would be good to see a return to wider and shorter wheelbases. Other than that, this year has been fantastic, one of the most exciting in recent times.


    A cracking season! I knew that the refuelling ban wouldn’t be a major problem. Stick everyone on the same level and the competition doesn’t really change.

    I’ve kept a close eye on the back of the grid as well as the front..and this year I went to my first GP in person at Silverstone, an amazing experience!

    Can’t wait to see what Abu Dhabi will bring. And also curious for the Koren circuit.


    We’re back to “intelligent” racing with drivers needing to think over the race rather than dashing like they were playing Grand Theft Auto. Now, let’s get rid of tyres change (that would reduce costs), reintroduce big fat tyres and reduce drastically the size of the wings, ban the winglets and then we would go back to proper open wheel racing. I am all in favour of letting teams decide between a 1400 cc four cylinders turbocharged engine, a diesel V8 or V12 like Audi or Peugeot, or a V8 3500 cc atmospheric. That would increase costs but what the heck. I’ve been watching F1 for 35 years now and nothing I’ve seen over the last 15 years has been a match for the glorious 70’s and 80’s but this year is certainly an improvement.


    It’s been damn excellent hasn’t it. An the great thing is it should get even better next year now that Renault also rises. I think Spa was probably Renaults best chance for a win but they were right on pace all weekend, they could seriosuly challenge in Singapore, possibly in Abu Dhabi.

    And if Mercedes finds form next year and none of the current three contenders fall of the pace we could have SIX teams competing for wins, if not the championship, SIX!

    An because of the quality of the field it’s taken till now for two drivers to finally start breaking away, and the other three are still right in it, bit of bad luck for Hamilton and Webber and it’ll close right back up. Imagine if you had four more cars competing for the top positions, it would be awesome!

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