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    Someone on YouTube has created a montage of the 2010 F1 season which I somehow managed to stumble upon. The editing is nothing special at all, but the whole video has been mirrored to avoid detection by FOM, and it allows us to see F1 from a completely different perspective.


    Perhaps the weirdest parts to look at are Eau Rouge and Monaco. But one thing this video did is made me realise how immune I’d become to the sheer speed and agility of F1 cars. If you’re anything like me (an F1 anorak :P ), you’ll normally be able to tell exactly where a snippet of footage is almost instantly. I don’t even think about it – I just know where on the circuit everything I’m seeing on the screen is. But this video completely messes with my brain and it’s like I’m seeing everything for the first time all over again! I believe this is a good example of what it must be like for someone who knows nothing about F1 and has never seen it before to see it on their TV. It’s so fast, beautiful and violent, yet years of watching and knowing every inch of every race track has perhaps made me immune to this, which is why I found this video so fascinating.

    The direction change of these cars is immense, and I feel ashamed that it took this video for me to appreciate that again.


    I always surprise my friends when I can tell them from a simple photo what track, driver, team, car, year (and maybe final position of the driver and winner) it shows. I usually identify the track by the surroundings, but as you say @damonsmedley it’s very hard for me to cope with the cars going “the wrong way”. When in the video it shows the start of the Belgian GP, it took me some seconds to figure out it was La Source, and still it seemed impossible to me to see the cars going anti-clockwise. If I was asked to drive on the courses mirrored I’d probably crash every two turns as I mostly know the layouts by heart. As in MarioKart specular courses exist, I can say it’s not as easy as it sounds to do a circuit normally and then mirrored (I mostly use the specular courses as they’re supposed to be the toughest ones, so the “normal” ones are strange to me).


    You do know what you have to do……

    …..fall in love


    OMG I am Missing Kubica a lot!


    It’s only when you see things mirrored that you realise just how offset the T-Cam angle is!


    Awesome, I love the onboards. And the Ascari chicane looks like first part of Barcelona!


    That was like watching F1 in a barber’s shop, but the effect was unreal! I guess instead of looking at the background at the beginning of each shot, trying to recognise the location, I’m paying more attention to the action.

    Fair play to whoever edited this – the clips really bring out the speed, no cars crawling down pit lanes or long lingering shots of advertising hoardings like you get in a live race – it’s a similar effect to the Formula1.com race edits.

    The Monza podium’s brilliant from any angle though.


    I am following FI since 1950 & I never become immune to the capability of these cares & drivers.
    I only posted here recently how awestruck I was at the changes of direction in the esses behind the pits at Suzuka. Blows me away.
    I remember standing on the hill above the approach to Campsa at Barcelona & watching the cars through the left, right flick at the bottom of the hill & then flick right into Campsa, absolutely flat & thinking, that’s not possible. My eyes were telling me it was happening but my brain was telling me they were defying the laws of physics.
    16 of us went on that trip & 5 were non believers who, in the pub, normally referred to Fi as scalextric & asked how we could sit & watch cars going round in circles for 2 hours.
    They are now anoraks & you would think thew were into it all of their lives.
    I find that you can appreciate it much more on TV if you have attended live & experienced the sights, the sounds & the smells.



    It’s only when you see things mirrored that you realise just how offset the T-Cam angle is!

    Indeed. Whenever I catch a glimpse of F1 in a reflection off my window from the kitchen, it always shocks me that the onboards aren’t right above their heads!


    Thanks for just killing off the few remaining brain cells this retired person still had operating.


    There are only two camera angles in normal display which really show how fast the cars are – there’s a static camera at the base of Eau Rouge facing upwards which really captures the speed as they dance up the hill. The other is the camera looking back towards the first part of the Swimming Pool in Monaco. Watching the cars flick over the kerbs, more often than not with the back end trying to pull its way from the driver’s control. Brilliant

    Oh, and I forgot quite how good all of the cars (minus the HRT) looked last year – was 2010 the best year ever for F1 aesthetics?

    Force Maikel

    The onboards look like they were made with an cellphone. I like it. It also feels like they are shaking more than usual.


    Good find. I know exactly where you’re coming from. Eau Rouge at 4:16, wow! It really does give you an appreciation of just how incredible these machines are.


    They should do with the F1 games what they did with Mario Kart Wii and have mirrored versions of all of the tracks :P


    Awesome, it really does mess with your head, Vettel running into Button in mirror had me scratching my head from a minute.

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