Todt wants drivers to choose their own numbers

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    Formula 1 drivers don’t really strike me as the type of people to really care very much about what number they have on their car, to be honest.


    @magnificent-geoffrey Only because they never really had the chance to choose. If this is a long-term thing, it’ll change. :)


    I’ve never associated any F1 driver with a car number, ever… That said, I think it seems a bit “NASCAR-ish” to do it, so that’s my opinion.


    I must say, I like the number idea. In football, this has changed, too. It used to be number based on position and if you are starting a game (simply 1-11), now most players keep their number.
    High numbers often mean the players have been in the club for a long time. In my team, that applies to Thomas Müller (25), Philipp Lahm (21), Bastian Schweinsteiger (31), David Alaba (29), Toni Kroos (33) and so on.


    I’d rather have team chosen car numbers to be honest but even that would still be too gimmicky.

    I just really don’t see why this is a thing that is being brought up. There are many more important issues that need to be dealt with and the current system works brilliantly.


    I like how the current system is, and would prefer it not to change. I can identify drivers fine without specific numbers, and if for some reason I can’t, then the commentators do a pretty good job of that anyway.


    Stirling Moss raced number 7 a lot. I don’t know if other drivers of that era had affections for particular numbers or not, but it’s what I thought of before NASCAR.

    I do agree that I’d rather see the teams chose their numbers though.


    And I’d like to see numbers require a bit more prominence.


    I like how the current system is, and would prefer it not to change. I can identify drivers fine without specific numbers, and if for some reason I can’t, then the commentators do a pretty good job of that anyway.

    The other thing is that FOM have edited graphics to actually include the driver’s name on messages from race control.

    “Car number 1 (S. Vettel) under investigation for being too quick.”


    @MagnificentGeoffrey erm…what type of people do strike you of caring about numbers? :P Sorry, just seemed like an odd quote!

    It’s a bit meaningless but I think it’s nice for the drivers who do care- plus, it’ll make the cars easier to identify when team mates have similar helmet designs. F1 desperately needs an injection of personality so even this little dose might help.


    This just seems a bit naff, or as Todd said, a bit NASCAR-ish. I wish they’d just keep it as it is. It’s easy to understand, all you need to do is study the numbers a little for the new season and you’ll remember them easily. If this is being done in part to help us know which car is being driven by who, then they must think we are dull. I suppose it could help in marketing terms maybe, but permanent numbers would be disappointing to see.


    It’s official: http://www.fia.com/formula-one-regulation-changes

    What I predict, and some of them are what I’d like:

    Red Bull-Renault
    1 (9) S Vettel
    89 D Ricciardo

    6 N Rosberg
    8 L Hamilton

    27 F Alonso
    28 K Raikkonen

    17 R Grosjean

    4 K Magnussen
    5 J Button

    Force India
    19 N Hulkenberg

    7 S Sirotkin

    Toro Rosso
    2 D Kvyat
    90 J Vergne

    11 V Bottas
    25 F Massa

    3 J Bianchi


    I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up failing hard. What happens when someone takes a sabbatical or has a career ending crash? 27a for Lello Marciello? 7 and 07? Car numbers over 100?

    Really pleased the Strategy group made some proper decisions that’ll actually affect the racing today. Really done wonders for my cynicism about F1 after 2013.


    I like it, I can never remember who’s in car 15 or 17 or whatever.
    Is there a rule saying the numbers must be visible? Why not have standard ones like the sportscars, maybe illuminate them since there’s another night race now.


    The drivers’ merchandising and marketing guys will love this move though, it’s good for building a brand and image.

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