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    This topic hasn’t really been discussed yet, which is understandable because it’s completely subjective.

    Nevertheless, to put it simple, what do you think were the top 10 most memorable, impressive race wins of all time? You can include more than one win from a certain driver, but try to keep your list versatile.


    IMO, these were the top 10 greatest victories of all time, counting down from 10 to 1.

    10. Rubens Barrichello — Hockenheim 2000
    9. Fernando Alonso — Valencia 2012
    8. Michael Schumacher — Spa 1997
    7. Gilles Villeneuve — Jarama 1981
    6. Kimi Raikkonen — Suzuka 2005
    5. Lewis Hamilton — Silverstone 2008
    4. Ayrton Senna — Donington 1993
    3. Juan Manuel Fangio — Nurburgring 1957
    2. Ayrton Senna — Estoril 1985
    1. Michael Schumacher — Barcelona 1996

    What’s yours?


    Interesting idea. While I don’t have a list of victories that come to mind, don’t you mean the 1995 Belgium Grand Prix (although Schumacher also won there in 1997)?


    Unlike most people – I’m (generally) more impressed by displays of dominance rather than comebacks – because comebacks mean you fecked up the Saturday. And I prefer wet drives than dry ones.

    I really don’t want to nominate races which I don’t 100% remember – so my choices are all (relatively) recent races

    I can’t figure out which I prefer more/less, so in no particular order:

    Alonso – Monaco 2007
    Lewis Hamilton – Spa 2010
    Sebastian Vettel – Monaco 2011
    Sebastian Vettel – China 2009
    Sebastian Vettel – Monza 2008
    Sebastian Vettel – Singapore 2011
    Alonso – Nurburgring 2007
    Hamilton – Silverstone 2008
    Alonso – Singapore 2010
    Hamilton – Germany 2010


    @raymondu999, Hamilton’s victory was Germany 2011. I think your point of dominance vs comeback is interesting, and indeed is the question what one would consider a top victory. I agree that messing up at some earlier point in the weekend can be seen to detract from the victory, but on the other hand I also appreciate a fight.

    A few races I would like to nominate from recent history:

    Webber – Nurburgring 2009: first win and dominant display
    Button – Turkey 2009: the end of a terrific streak, and he dominated the upcoming Red Bulls that day.
    Barrichello – Valencia 2009: strong qualifying and race pace too (which was the problem for Rubens that year), with his team mate floundering at the bottom end of the points.
    Button – Spa 2012: a completely dominant weekend, which cannot be completely explained away by choosing the right rear wing.
    Hamilton – Abu Dhabi 2011: an important victory on the back of a very troubled season.
    Vettel – Abu Dhabi 2010: fast and flawless with everything on the line.
    Alonso – Malaysia 2012: making the most out of tricky conditions, and kickstarting his championship challenge.


    @adrianmorse I know that, actually. I don’t know why in hell I typed 2010.


    Most of the important ones have been mentioned so I’m gonna nominate only one:

    Kimi in Spa 2009

    The only win of that year’s Ferrari and since it’s Kimi, it’s no wonder it happened in Spa.

    As far as I recall, he drove the whole race only seconds away from Fisichella so one mistake would probably have lost him the win but it didn’t happen.


    Button – Canada 2011
    I con’t care what anyone says coming back from being last during the race and winning is great.


    1. Juan-Manuel Fangio in Nurburgring 1957
    2. Jackie Stewart in Nurburgring 1968 (surprised no-one has mentioned it yet)
    3. Ayrton Senna in Estoril 1985
    4. Michael Schumacher in Barcelona 1996
    5. Ayrton Senna in Donington 1993
    6. Gilles Villeneuve in Jarama 1981 (wouldn’t be possible today thanks to DRS)
    7. Lewis Hamilton in Silverstone 2008
    8. Kimi Räikkönen in Suzuka 2005
    9. Stirling Moss in Nurburgring 1961
    10. Michael Schumacher in Spa 1995


    Damon Hill, Hungary 1997

    …oh, wait. :(


    The one that stuck with me was Michael Schumacher, Spa 1995. That’s the best ever, from those that I’ve seen since 1989.


    Fangio’s win at the Nurburgring is the greatest victory of all time I think. Consider that he was able to reel in two world class drivers with nearly a minute deficit knowing full well one mistake would be the end of him, at the most difficult and dangerous race track in the world. Yeah that’s some serious driving. I think JYS’s win at Nurburgring at 68 is up there as well given how far ahead he finished of the rest of the field in appalling conditions. Jim Clark at Spa 1963 likewise.

    A lot of the other obvious ones have been mentioned but I’ll put a shout for a personal favourite (not sure if its top 10 in history but still a great win) with Hakkinen at Spa 2000. Schumacher Hungary 1998 possibly too, that was a strategy maximised to perfection. For a wild card, how about Gerhard Berger Hockenheim 1997. Up there as a dominant victory.


    As for a top 10 I’ll go
    1. Fangio Nurburgring 1957
    2. Stewart Nurburgring 1968
    3. Senna Donington 1993
    4 Schumacher Catalunya 1996
    5. Clark Spa 1963
    6. Villeneuve Jarama 1981
    7. Raikkonen Suzuka 2005
    8. Senna Estoril 1985
    9. Schumacher Hungary 1998
    10. Hamilton Silverstone 2008


    Here are ones that I can remember:
    Senna – Donnington 1993
    Schumacher – Spa 1995
    Villeneuve – Jarama 1981
    Raikkonen – Suzuka 2005
    Button – Canada 2011
    Watson – Long Beach 1983
    Senna – Suzuka 1988
    Stewart – Nurburgring 1968
    Fangio – Nurburgring 1957
    Schumacher – Catalunya 1996
    Senna – Estoril 1985
    Mansell – Silverstone 1987

    And the list goes on (Clark, Prost…)


    Was Spa ’04 a great win? I didn’t watch it (hence the question mark), but surely McLaren wasn’t running Newey’s fastest design, right?

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