Total newbie to watching live f1 races – spains my 1st race :)

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    Hi All

    I’ve followed f1 with my dad for many years, and after 15yrs I’m finally going to start watching the races live:), plan to go to spain, gb, spa and 1 more this year.

    Ive booked everything for the spain gp, our flight arrives on the friday 11th at 10am, and plan to go straight to the track with our rental car. Weve chosen to do general admission, as it was a last minute decission, and think for our 1st race it will help us get the feel for live races, but I’m sooo excited.

    Things I’m having trouble with:
    1: I have know idea which car park to use – any info
    2: on the fri i understand that we can use grandstand seats, so where do we head for when we arrive, I’d say we be there by 12 midday.
    3: on sat sunday where to sit?, on ticket site, reviews have said for g.a tickets best spots is by the big hill????, but where is this on the track?
    4: Can any1 give me and advice for this race, on location or general advice as I really want to make it an amazing weekend, and make my hubby want to come to as many more live race weekends as possible, as at the moment he thinks it will be better watching on tv, but I know it’s going to be amazing.

    Thank you all for reading this far :)

    Rebecca xx

    Tommo N7

    Hi, thank you for that info, was great to read other peoples comments, just getting to grips with how this forum works at the moment. race 10 mins away, betta be off


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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