Track that has produced the best races

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    Lucas Wilson

    For me, it has to be Sao Paulo. Maybe it is because it is the last race of the season, but it has had some great races. The classic nail-biting grand prix of 2008 and 2012 were some of the most exciting the sport has ever witnessed.


    Based on the Rate the Race data since 2008, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve and Spa-Francorchamps had the highest ratings among tracks which have held more than one race:

    Has F1 “improved the show”? See what the data says


    Well Canada, Spa and Monza were a let down this year, much like Silverstone last year, if we take to account the track reputation. And Valencia and Abu Dhabi have done the reverse thing last year.


    I would say Shanghai should be well up there. There hasn’t been a dull race since the Chinese GP moved to the start of the season (admittedly aided perhaps by early season unpredictability). Classic circuits are great places to just watch a car blast around the track, but they sadly don’t always produce thrillers (Monaco, Spa and Monza this year, for instance).


    I’d say Interlagos. It has produced such dramatic races that live in the memory.


    IMO; the excitement pecking order is something like this;

    1. Montreal
    2. Interlagos
    3. Spa
    4. Shanghai
    5. Melbourne
    6. Sepang
    7. Nurburging
    8. Hockenheim
    9. Sakhir
    10. Silverstone
    11. Monza
    12. Hungaroring
    13. Suzuka
    14. Barcelona
    15. Singapore
    16. Yas Marina
    17. Valencia
    18. Monaco
    19. Yeongam
    20. Buddh

    Note that I did not include Austin, as one race isn’t nearly enough to make a proper judgement, though mind you, the 2012 race was a pretty damn good one.


    The previous years pointed out that the first races always produce exciting races. Partly because of track layout, but mostly because of the time the teams need to adjust to new cars, new tyres and new regulations. As a consequence: when that settles in, there is ‘always’ a period mid season that some races are quite dull (worsened by Tilkedromes). Then, at the end we often see spectacular races again because of layout of Suzuka, Brazil (also weather related) and (hopefully) Austin.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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