Tyres killing the real action?

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    We just saw a more than a half race distance long stint on Bridgestone super-soft (the softest, yes) tyres, on a circuit which is for sure not low on tyre wear, with a surface temperature around 40 degrees celsius during the race on a warm sunny day, performed by a car which is not leanest on its tyres.

    Does this means that Bridgestone hard tyres are good for like half of a season?

    I mean, there’s no rule of 8 tyre sets per season, there’s a rule for 8 engines.

    So why Bridgestone are providing the sport with such durable and inconsistent (complaints are up and down the pitlane for second season in a row) rubber?..

    Do you think the situation will get better when Pirelli arrives? What do you know about last generation of Pirelli tyres that was in the sport in early 90s? I’ve heard they were really unpredictable and inconsistent, but the technology was way different back then.

    Have your say, gentlemen.


    I think the tyre is unpredictable at best. No-one can properly predict how good or bad they will be. If the track is in good gondition, weather is perfect and you got a car that handles perfect then the tyres will last.

    I believe the RBR car to be much kinder on its tyres, especially with Webber at the wheel. Where-as in the Mclaren and Hamilton the tyres would wear out faster (just my opinion)

    But in general I think the tyres are too good, this year has been pretty dull with pitstops. As soon as one pits, the others pit. I don’t see much of a stratagey.


    It’s annoying. At the end of the day though the manufacturer comes into the sport to show what amazing tyres they have. No company would come in and deliberately make crap tyres for the sake of better racing.

    Dan Thorn

    That was one plus of the tyre war – It forced tyre companies to push the boundries of grip versus longevity in order to gain an advantage.


    @pablo2008jedi But at the same time you’re not quite sure will you be able to just turn them on properly and all your technical effort will not be thrown away. It’s turning a sport into a lottery at times. No one properly and completely understood the tyre issue in almost two seasons, as far as i am concerned.

    @Dan Thorn There must be some spot between, isn’t it? And i’m sure it’s reachable.


    Well we had Canada where they just fell apart and Bridgestone are at least trying with the compunds they bring.

    Maybe with the ban on refuelling they got too conservative but they’re only here for this year and they have an image to protect.

    I don’t know about Pirelli. Maybe they’ll be conservative their first year, I’m not sure. I’m very excited for them as some teams and drivers may struggle though so at least we may get a chaotic grid for a while.

    Agree with Dan. It’s the one reason why I sort of faintly, wishfully think about F1 having a tyre war again but in the end a tyre war just isn’t worth it.


    Tyre war isn’t worth it because someone will win in it.

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