UK and their fierce campaign against Alonso

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    Fer no.65

    Translation of the article (for those that don’t understand spanish);


    Great Britain unleashes a fierce campaign against Alonso

    Now they say Massa blocked Button on purpose – Max Mosley joins claiming those 7 points from Hockenheim

    They didn’t yield even for a minute since Alonso came out from Korea with a 11 points gap on Mark Webber. The British media, joined with ex drivers and ex representatives, want to question the morality of the Spaniard’s probable world title. They do it with the same absurd old story, that one with the seven points Fernando achieved in Germany when Felipe Massa let him by.

    But there’s something more, because Autosport magazine accuses Ferrari of chating in the last race at Korea. According to one of the editors, Felipe Massa, warned from the pit wall, would have slowed down those behind, like Button or Schumacher, to avoid them from passing Alonso when he suffered a problem with the wheel nut in the pits.

    Even though it happened, which is very doubtful -as everything happened in just seconds and the radio conversations were not picked- it’s nothing different from the 20 laps Button tried to block the two Red Bull and Alonso at the Japanese Grand Prix. Mclaren sacrificed Jenson forcing him to start with hard tyres on a absurd strategy, even though it backfired, as Hamilton broke third gear midway through the race and it was impossible for him to finish.

    That and no other has been the protagonist of the two most blatant cheating this year. The first one, the qualifing at Canada without enough fuel to get back to the pits, which gave him pole position and win on sunday. The other one, jumping a Safety Car. Even though he was penalized, it was so late that it didn’t have practical effects.

    To make matters worse, the ex president Max Mosley, alias “the whips” comes too. Mosley , llega tambin el ex presidente Max Mosley, alias el ltigos. Mosley didn’t turn a hair in the BBC saying: “the extra points Alonso won by overtaking Massa following team orders, should have been deleted. That’s the minimum. Because if he wins for less than those seven points he gained illegitimately at Hockenheim, the championship would be devaluated. But that’s my point of view”.

    This freshly fallen from the cherry should be reminded that the FIA judged and sentenced the case, without finding anything punishable sin encontrar nada punible about the drivers classification. It should be asked why they didn’t say the same when in 2008 Heikki Kovalainen let Hamilton, the eventual champion, by in no less than five occasions.

    The only illegitimate title we remember is the one favoured in 2009, when he allowed an illegal piece (the double diffuser), which led to a mediocre like Button win the championship.

    Fer no.65

    I tried my best to translate the article.

    Im sure you’ll find a couple of mistakes. Hamilton did finish in Suzuka, but they wrote it like he didn’t.

    Note the stupid remark on Mosley “aslias the whips”.

    I think this is why we should read between the lines at every article we get in front of ourselves. Media seem to biased sometimes.


    It’s certainly a good read but I love the translation errors “But there’s something more, because Autosport magazine accuses Ferrari of CHATING in the last race at Korea.”

    Sure it should be cheating but just made me crack up


    The British media are usually “perceived” to be taking sides. Sometimes, it is more true than others. To prove my point, here’s a list of “perceived” heroes and villains – in the British media.

    Hero: Hamilton; Villain: Alonso

    Hero: Damon Hill; Villain: Michael Schumacher

    Hero: Mansell; Villain: Senna

    Usually, it’s just a case of personal bias (and not irresponsible journalism). But it’s not only the British media guilty of it. In the “villains” home countries, the drivers’ roles as hero and villain are reversed.

    Just take the article above as an example – this time, for the pro-Alonso Spanish media. They allege that McLaren “cheated” and sacrificed Button’s race in Suzuka, putting him on hard tyres to help Lewis get away – which in all probability is a load of toss, as Jenson has specifically mentioned that it was his call to go for the hards.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Why is it so bad that the British wage a campaign against Alonso? The Spanish usually have one going against Hamilton, so why are they suddenly allowed to complain. It’s like one child hits another with a stick, but as soon as the other child hits back with a stick of their own, the first child runs to their parents complaining about how the other child did something bad.

    Surely the Spanish press can’t be so naive as to think that they can go around saying whatever they like about a particular driver without encountering a little bit of retaliation? We all know that the moment Hamilton experiences some success, the Spanish will be all over him. As far as I’m concerned, they have no right to complain. They brought it on themselves.


    Already in today’s round-up, let’s keep the debate over there:


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