Valencian Beer Bottle

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    Does anyone know if the origin of the glass (presumably beer bottle) that appeared on the track at one point in the European Grand Prix has been determined? I remember the commentators indicated that it was in a part of the circuit which did not have seating? :-/


    I don’t have a clue where it came from but, to state the obvious, it could have been a massive accident!


    Yeah, exploding tyres, bottle getting thrown up with force at another driver/the crowd….


    I remember at Indianapolis ’05, some beer bottles amongst other things were thrown onto difficult parts of the track. Some people just have really good throws.


    It can’t have been thrown from very far though or it would have shattered.


    it was a plastic bottle…


    Ah well, it looked glass to me, and I thought Hamilton indicated that it was a glass bottle? Then again, it’s probably hard to tell at 150+ mph! :-D


    I tought it was quit a feat he could see it was a bottle, they go pretty fast there!


    Yeah Hamilton seeing the bottle an identifying it was crazy, how did he manage that at 150? Apparently a few of the other drivers noticed it as well, these people are ridiculous, remember the original beeb intro, “the eyes that can pick out a face in the crowd” lol, whose overblown and silly now?

    Probably a plastic bottle though, in England they don’t like glass bottles at big events, quite possiblty the same in Spain.


    Legard said there was no crowd seating at that area on the BBC commentary so it couldn’t have been from someone throwing it onto the track…

    Though bear in mind that we only have Legard’s word for that, I didn’t catch what corner it actually was.


    There’s an irony here. According to the transcript on http://mclaren.com/home Hamilton warned them about the bottle before he got the penalty for passing the safety car. If race control had reacted to Hamilton’s warning by throwing the safety car immediately, it would have completely ruined his race.

    Interestingly, this suggests Hamilton wasn’t expecting his penalty…


    I”m sorry, I’m sorry, I had a bit too much cider and slept through the whole race.. but I’m glad you found my bottle though, I would be lost with it.. I cuddle up to it at night.

    Yours kindly,

    Hare the Drunken Bum who Sleeps behind the wall on turn 7 near the free wifi.


    Maybe we had a drunk F1 driver ;-)


    I thought Kimi had left f1?


    Mark Hitchcock

    If it was plastic (which it probably was, for the reason Scribe pointed out), maybe someone threw (or dropped) it onto the track and it just got blown to a part of the track where there are no spectators.

    I’m surprised the Safety Car wasn’t scrambled though. Even a plastic bottle could do some pretty bad damage at the sort of speeds the cars are travelling through that section.

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