Vergne claims he’d be ‘no worse’ than Webber

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    “in the bottom five drivers” trlb1 but still in the top five, like last year, and the year before …


    I think he was talking with “Helmut” still on and the muffled words were misunderstood. Ricciardo was a sec quicker than Vettel in the tests last year, in true aussie style, he keep his cool and ended up a tailender.


    As a follow-up to this story, I just saw this about Vergne’s “mentor” claiming he never said any such thing about Webber: http://tinyurl.com/7ysfj2o

    It’s a little frustrating to not even know whether something identified as a direct quote is accurate!


    If I may add, the “interview” of Jean-Eric Vergne was made by a french website Sports.fr. However according to one of Vergne’s closest friend (Renaud DERLOT) who wrote on Jean-Louis Moncet’s blog (french F1 commentator), Vergne was misquoted. According to him, Vergne never wanted to disrespect Webber.

    The journalist from Sports.fr apologized (according to Derlot)

    For those who can read French : http://tinyurl.com/77q3kej

    Adam Tate

    Maybe Vergne never said it.

    If he has, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Webber show him some of that “true aussie grit” ;)

    Of course if Helmut Marko is just stirring this up, it might be to light a fire under Webber for next year.

    If that’s the case, it should work!


    It’s amazing how fast someone can be when they have ample running in a fast car with the setup already dialled in from the preceding weekend of racing.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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