Vettel matches Senna’s championship count…

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    M Dickens

    Just interested to get some thoughts of the championship outcome as a whole.

    Personally I was sickened, though hardly an Alonso fan I certainly respect him – Vettel seems only capable of leading from the front once out of DRS range (a gimmick I also dislike). Every time he is caught in mid-field he shows his clumsiness and sense of entitlement – i.e almost killing Alonso in Italy, cutting up Senna in Brazil, (his overtaking in Abu Dhabi was also useless but I can’t remember who it was against)…the list goes on.

    To me a championship is deserved if a driver is a full package – fast, intelligent, brave and a quality racer. Vettel is extremely fast at the front, and intelligent off the track. On the track he seems incapable of true wheel to wheel racing (and the finger makes me literally want to scream), hence why I resent seeing him take an equal amount of championships to Ayrton Senna.


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    Vettel clinches drivers’ championship hat-trick

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