Vettel teases Rosberg for saying he hopes Ferrari catch up

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    From the post-race press conference. I rather like how Vettel showed up Rosberg’s PR-friendly platitudes for what they are:

    Q: (Ian Parkes – PA) Question to both Lewis and Nico. We’ve seen dominance in qualifying, dominance in the race today. Is this it for the season? A two-horse race between you two for the title or can you envisage any of your rivals making in-roads into your supremacy?

    LH: I think Nico was just explaining… I didn’t know, I didn’t see the times or anything but I think the Ferraris have taken a huge step forward. It’s clear they’ve made one of the biggest steps. So we definitely cannot back off because I’m sure they’re going to be pushing. And I anticipate we might have a good fight with them at some stage this year…


    NR: I hope we can have a good fight. That would be awesome. I think the next couple of races we’re going to be leading the way for sure, and we’re going to try and keep it that way, but we know it would be good if they can come a bit closer, as long as they don’t come too close…

    SV: Be honest. Do you really hope so? Seriously? You finished 30 seconds ahead of us and you hope it’s going to be closer? So you hope you slow down? Is that what you’re saying?

    NR: I hope that you can give us a challenge! Because it’s important for the sport and for the fans. And I do think about the show. Half of me – or a part of me – thinks about the show because I want to give people a great time at home watching on TV or at the track. If you do come a bit closer, that would be awesome for everybody.

    SV: First suggestion, if you don’t mind, I think your garage becomes public for Malaysia and everyone can have a look. No? I’m joking.

    NR: You can come if you want, we can invite you…

    SV: OK, thank you for the invite, I’ll come.

    NR: Friday Malaysia, OK.

    SV: Engineers’ room? Debrief, I’ll be there.


    As much as I’m not fond of Rosberg (I think he’s pretty much the definition of a smart, but not very intelligent person, the way he comes across, e. g. in his counter-jibe later on during the above presser, which is quite revealing of his personality), I think he seriously meant what he said up there. He’s a guy who does things ‘by the book’ and his words describe things that are generally considered desirable ‘by the book’.


    Seb was in funny form in press conference, he wasn’t his funny self like this since 2013. It was a great funny way to put Nico in the spot and part of me hopes he does turn out in Mercedes’ garage at Malaysia


    Hadn’t seen the reply from Rosberg later on. Here it is:

    Q: (Vincent Marre – All Race Motorsport) Sebastian, among the races to come, which one do you feel will be the one that is easier for you, for Ferrari to catch up to the Mercedes? I think Malaysia will be difficult but what about Bahrain or Shanghai?

    SV: Easy, for us? I think if you look at the gap, nowhere is going to be easy. I think we have to focus on ourselves, make sure that what we learned this weekend we’re able to take into the next races. The most important thing now is that if we finish – we did finish right behind Mercedes today. We need to confirm that in the next race, that’s the priority number one, so we need to make sure that I was not just a one-off. We improve reliability. As I said, Kimi didn’t finish, which is a shame. We could have scored a lot more points today.

    NR: … that you find it a shame that your teammate didn’t finish?

    SV: Yes. I don’t know how much you like each other but Kimi and myself we get along, so I think it is a shame.

    NR: I though as a racing driver you might like it that you have a couple of points advantage over him now. I don’t want to get you off the foot there, sorry. Oops. Look at him, look at him go…

    SV: I can see your point. No, no. I can see that at the moment, where we are, we want to make sure we catch you guys and to do that we both need to score. Yes, I honestly think so and I honestly didn’t want to see the second car not finishing today.

    NR: Because I’m ready for it now, you caught me a bit off guard before but now I’m ready for it!


    I thought it was a bit childish of Seb but Rosberg’s comments afterwards were even more sillier.

    Anyway, at least there’s a driver who speaks bid mind.


    I like Vettels sense of humour, especially recently, but in this case I think it was nice to hear Rosberg say that. Obviously all the drivers want to do well but it’s nice that they say things from the fans perspective.
    What Rosberg’s saying is the same as Hamilton saying he wants more cars and Vettel saying he’s glad there’s a new competitor in Honda. If only all drivers were more honest…


    I don’t understand what Rosberg is really saying in his reply. Can someone explain what he means by…
    “I don’t want to get you off the foot there, sorry. Oops. Look at him, look at him go…”


    I think he mean he didn´t want to made it look like Sebastian was happy for Kimi to retired from the race.

    Will Wood

    Top #BANTER there from Sebastian VetteLAD


    Does anyone have link for the whole press conference?


    Rosberg’s running with it:


    this is all I found on youtube


    Good news for the OP in http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/groups/f1/forum/topic/mercedes-and-the-unlucky-13/ !

    Unless Team Brackley puts ear protection on Seb and have him turn his notebook off (or if the notebook’s made of paper then have VET not bring pens).


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