Vettel vs Schumacher after 112 races

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    I found this on TwtR:


    The things that impress me:
    more poles for Vettel
    One more title
    The things that don’t impress me
    Vettel has more point finishes and more total finishes, but point system and reliability are different now.
    What I can see is that Vettel is on his way to match and break Schum records (yes, it’s to early to say it but it’s just an opinion)

    Max Jacobson

    @omarr-pepper that’s deeply impressive statistics. Vettel was also younger (29 years 7 months vs 26 years 1 month) at that particular milestone, so assuming they both had the same length of competitive stints in F1 by retiremnt age Vettel should in theory have 3 more seasons that Schumacher to break his records!


    After 112 races, they both have the same number of wins are within 7 points of each other under the old point system. That’s eerily similar.


    yeah but Schumi-Dominance was still to come…


    The more I think about this the more likely it seems that he can challenge Schumi, it mostly depends on whether he can maintain his form for another 10 years, as I cant expect him having trouble finding a top seat if the Red Bull suddenly becomes uncompetitive.

    I still think Alonso is narrowly the best driver on the grid, but he’s running out of chances now and he’s going to begin getting slower in the next few years. It’ll be interesting to see if any newcomers can challenge the accepted order in the next five years.


    I think that is amazingly impressive. But like @magon4 said Schumi’s dominance was still to come, Vettel’s dominance is here and now, so by 2000-2004 I would like to see if Vettel could keep up with that.


    90’s Schumacher was amazing.

    13 more DNF’s, drove against Newey cars for the entire period measured, with only ’94 for parity/better car, less points finishes, yet still more points(adjusted) and podiums.

    If only he’d had Hakkinen as a teammate. . . .

    Max Jacobson

    I’m highly doubtful that he’d beat 91 race wins, but 7 championships is definitely possible. He’s likely going to have 4 at the end of this season, which means 4/7 championships. Schuamcher was *only* 2/7 and provided both had careers spanning 16 years (excluding Schumi’s comeback) then Vettel has 9 years to win 3/4 championships. If going by age though, Vettel *only* has to win 3/4 championships in 12 years – that’s entirely possible if he has a competitive car!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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