Vettel vs. Schumacher

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    The Radical

    There are some interesting parallels to be drawn between Vettel’s recent dominance and Schumacher’s from a decade earlier.

    In the four/first four seasons of championship reign, Vettel has won thirty-four races. Schumacher won thirty-five.

    Schumacher slightly edges out Vettel here due to less races being on the calendar in his time, achieving this record over sixty-seven races to Vettel’s seventy-seven, but given the quality of competition Vettel has faced, it evens out.

    The next observation, Vettel and Schumacher each won eleven and thirteen events, surrounding a season where they had to fight for the title until the final race.

    Schumacher won six races in 2003 – only taking the title at Suzuka, whilst Vettel won five in 2012 – just holding on for the championship at Interlagos.

    The only piece to be filled is Vettel and Red Bull winning in 2014, and both will have emulated the Ferrari-Schumacher combination from exactly a decade earlier.

    A neat symmetry, but not one I’d be particularly keen on if it’s achieved in the vein of the back half of the season just gone. Sure, if we have a 2010 style showdown or even a replica of 2012 it’d be palatable, otherwise history could be repeating itself.

    The only other point is that Schumacher’s 2004 campaign of thirteen victories represented his final title, coinciding with the regulations introduced the following season, so with the heralding of new regs in 2014, maybe Vettel has won his last title for the time being at least…

    Your thoughts???

    Theo Parkinson

    I think it’s interesting how these two compare. I doubt Vettel is about to get his last title although I think it will be for Red Bull. Almost everyone on this website has a feeling it’s Mercedes next year. Despite what happens I think it’s inevitable Vettel will go to Ferrari and a driver of his calibre will probably win a title.


    I think we have another thread comparing this. Vettel 2012 = Schumacher 2003 or something like that.


    Well, 2009 can always end up being the 2006 equivalent…

    sbl on tour

    vettel , – a decent bloke
    herr schu, – a cheating scumbag

    sbl on tour



    @sbl on tour

    Would have to agree.

    I dislike both Vettel and Schumacher, but Vettel has my respect for 3 reasons –

    1) Vettel has had much tougher competition in the form of Hamilton & Alonso .Schumacher wasn’t racing against anyone of that calibre after 1994. (Sorry over rated Hakkinen & Montoya and Kimi in fragile cars)
    2) Vettel didn’t intentionally bump other drivers off the circuit and park his car on the circuit to slow other drivers down
    3) Vettel didn’t have a teammate who would move over for him at will

    Honestly, I already consider Vettel to be a far superior champion to Schumacher, and Vettel is without a doubt, a better ambassador of the sport

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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