Video from the scene of Alonso's testing crash

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    I’ve just been sent this video which appears to have been shot by someone being driven past the scene of Alonso’s crash at the Circuit de Catalunya yesterday and uploaded in slow-motion.

    I’ve watched it a few times and can’t see anything obviously graphic or distressing, though obviously you can see the extrication process is under way. McLaren said yesterday Alonso is uninjured but suffered a concussion in the crash.

    The car looks substantially intact and the marshals appear to be getting Alonso out of the cockpit at the time it was filmed. You can see they are wearing the thick rubber gloves to protect themselves against electric shocks.

    Here’s the video:


    When i first heard of it I thought he’d gone into the barriers on the outside – much like Hamilton a few years ago. Now I think of it, Kovalainen had gone out in the same place and probably suffered a concussion too. I was thinking of a Schumacher-Silverstone ’99 type of crash, but the place where Alonso hit is strange. It’s happened a few times when a driver put a rear wheel over the kerb and spun, but turning right after the corner has finished is something strange. Reports of a broken front wing preventing him from turning would have meant a collision on the left, not on the right side of the track. It’s like Alonso was keeping the wheel turned, as I don’t belive it would stay pointed in one direction without input from the driver. It reminds me of Massa’s Hungaroring crash, where the accident itself had nothing strange, but was the result of something else. But I also don’t get how he stopped the car so quickly, in such a short distance from what I gather was the point of the impact.


    More from McLaren who state the crash was not caused by a car fault:

    Alonso’s crash not caused by car fault – McLaren

    Bradley Downton

    @fixy – I’m pretty sure I remember Kovalainen’s accident being towards the end of the lap?


    As Sky have reported Alonso’s crash was probably similar to Maldonado’s at the same spot last year during quali.



    @bradley13 could well be, I just went by what I remembered!


    More post-crash footage from the scene. Note how windy is, as per McLaren’s explanation:

    Fer no.65

    The guy recording says “it wasn’t normal what he has done, it went very weird”…

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