Video: Top Gear spotted filming with F1 cars in Milton Keynes

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    This is literally just a minute’s walk from my house. The noise they were making all day was pretty horrible, and you could hear it for miles around. I heard that Top Gear were going to be doing some filming but they didn’t say it’d involve F1 cars.

    Top Gear is a complete load of rubbish anyway, so I’ve no interest in hearing the same tired old jokes about MK being a concrete jungle, blah blah blah…


    They must be doing an illegal hammer test.

    Force Maikel

    If I heard some F1 cars make a lot of noise not far from where I lived, I’d jump in my car and drive over to see what’s happening. Top Gear or niet.


    Felix Da Coste tweeted about it, yesterday… and he used his usual helmet ;)


    I had my fill of F1 engine noise at the YDT. It’s not an especially pleasant sound when ruinously hungover on a Sunday morning, let me assure you.

    Actually, if I’m totally honest, as a lifelong motorsports fan and regular race attendee, I’ve got to be honest here and say that I think that F1 cars are absolutely horrible sounding even at the best of times. Really unnecessarily shrill and high pitched. I appreciate I’m probably in a minority of one here, but I just think there are way way better sounding race cars out there.

    Give me a Corvette C6.R GT1 any day of the week :)


    Red Bull Motorsport just twetted this


    @mazdachris I agree on you about the noise of F1 cars being a bit too much and I also must be the only person who liked the sound of the old GP3 cars!


    Hmm, another clandestine testing session?;-)


    @mazdachris – I like the V8s but obviously preferred the V10s. They were awesome.

    Iestyn Davies

    I’ll admit I kinda agree with the sound sentiments – but the F1 race I saw was with the V10’s which really were high pitched! Probably the most powerful thing I’ve ever heard though.


    Don’t get me wrong, I do love the noise of a racing car, I just think there are way better sounding cars out there. it’s why I’m always baffled to see people moan that the noise is going to be significantly changed by the change in engines for next year – to me, the noise of an F1 car is one of the bits I like least. Bernie and co go on as if this is a really fundamental part of F1, but in terms of loudness they’re no different to any other top end race car really. It’s just the pitch of the engines which I find is like nails down a blackboard. I guess if F1 is your only experience of seeing racing cars in action then you’d probably feel like the loudness was something unique to F1, but it really isn’t.

    @fastiesty You should get yourself down to Santa Pod one weekend. Then you’ll learn what real power sounds like :)


    @MazdaChris – I agree tha, trackside, F1 car noise can be overpowering. I always wear ear defenders. However, on the TV, it’s very different, I would personally classify it as highly enjoyable and at the end of the day, more people watch F1 on TV than go to the races.

    And Santa Pod weekends are my idea of hell on earth – mainly because they fill up our A&E department with all manner of madness and keep me busy!


    If it’s not as high-pitched as the V10s, we should’ve just gone for an old, deep, sound, instead of a rather annoying V8.


    After watching Top Gear, how was this thread not called ‘Top Gear spotted filming with F1 cars on the Mall, in London’??

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