Video: Why Webber and Alonso got reprimands in Singapore

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    Here’s video showing the moment Alonso picked up Webber after the race in Singapore:


    Both got reprimands:

    Webber to get grid penalty after lift from Alonso


    Seems fair after seeing that


    Doesn’t appear nowhere near as bad as some twitter users are making out but I guess it can’t be changed now.

    Fer no.65

    Yeah… not cool.

    They got away with it…


    Justifies the reprimand completely.


    Wow, that’s just crazy. What if Mark just fell off the car?


    Okay I won’t be hypocritic, I’ll admit I just deleted a hateful post against the stewards but still, I’m sure that even without Hamilton nearly missing them, there’ll still be a reprimand. In 2011 it was Webber who lifted Alonso, nothing like this happened and still got reprimanded. This time it’s correct because of the near miss. But I’m quite sure the reprimand would have still existed even if Alonso had not blocked the track.

    Trevor Parr

    Pathetic,Mark had a bad enough race as it was!!!-doesn’t look as dangerous as some people are saying.I know F1 has to have rules but seriously………….


    I find the FIA and the stewards as annoying as most, but this is a lesson that it’s important to have the facts before making a judgement and not just jumping to conclusions.

    GT Racer

    Another angle was shown in the fom highlights video shown after the race which ive heard showed more shots showing that drivers had to take avoiding action for mark running across the track to get to fernando’s car.

    if webber ignored or simply did not gain permission to go onto the track from the stewards then it will be seen as a serious safety violation & is something thats always acted upon. Its unfortunate for Mark that been his 3rd reprimand it gives the grid drop for korea but if you get 3 reprimands then any penalty is justified in my view.

    if a driver stops at the side of the track he must do as the marshall’s say & is not allowed to run out onto the track or run across the track without gaining permission from the marshal’s, Its a safety thing.


    But looking at the car, if Mark gets 3rd or 4th on the grid in Korea, he’ll still be able to work his way back through the pack from 14th on the grid. Yeah it sucks, but it’s no death blow. And he’s definitely not about to challenge Seb for the title (sadly).


    107kph on the sidepod…

    That would have been fun.


    Shouldn’t Alonso be the one getting the penalty, he is the one who stopped – I’m not saying that he should get it because this is absolutely ridiculous. I mean Bernie and other fossils are trying to increase the show by using worst tyres in history and fake overtaking, and yet they give penalties for something like this.
    Really makes you think what is going on with the F1 formerly known as the sport?

    mark b

    Yep, broke the rules and they deserve the reprimands, but I have to think it’ll be one of his fun F1 memories. The race sucked but riding back on the side of ALO’s car, sometimes over 100 KPH on that awesome night track. Kind of cool.

    Aish Heydrich

    Last Singapore GP. Live it large. Who cares about the penalty? The memory is what is most important. Well done Mark, I’m with you, I don’t care about the rules or the system.

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