Virgin Media will carry Sky’s F1 channel in 2012 (Update: But not BT Vision)

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    Keith Collantine

    According to Virgin Media, they will have Sky’s F1 channel this year:

    “The channel will be added to the complete Sky Sports package available through Virgin Media, alongside Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2, Sky Sports 3 and Sky Sports 4. Subscribers to this package will have the channel added automatically at launch. Sky Sports News is separately included in all pay TV tiers.”


    Can anyone who knows about Virgin Media work out how much it will cost?


    £22.50 per month for the full Sky Sports package assuming you don’t already have it – so £270 for a year.


    on top of whatever package you’re already using, sky sports collection is £22.50 extra a month with M+, L and XL packages, and £28.00 with the M packaged, plus another £7 on top for HD.

    Source: http://shop.virginmedia.com/digital-tv/channels/sky-sports.html


    Too much for lots of sky sports chanels I wont watch. I long for the day they offer a racing package, and not bundle it in with the football channels.


    I won’t be paying that thank you! I think I’ll just move over to sky once my contract is up.

    Until then I’ll watch F1 via Sky Go on my folks sky account.

    Edit: Infact, anyone else disappointed with the offer – email emma.hutchinson@virginmedia.co.uk with your opinions. I have.


    I’m already with Virgin Media for my Broadband, so somthing like this would be the only way I’d be getting the F1 this year, instead of having to sign up with Sky direct.

    But it’s still too much money for very little content that I will hardly ever watch.


    If sky themselves aren’t carrying it as a separate channel, why do you expect virgin to?


    Cheapest way to get Sky F1 is:

    M+ Tv pack £12.50pm + Sky sports pack £22.50pm = £35.00pm.

    So £4.75 more expensive than it is on Sky plus the Virgin will be carrying the SD channel, not the HD channel.

    Also that is with the V-HD box so no recording tv like Sky+

    Personally I think its a bit of a poor deal, but it is the one I was expecting.


    Yup, unfortunately Sky holds all the cards – it’s a very poor deal they’re offering Virgin Media customers.


    Just seen on the VM twitter. someone queried that with Virginmedia that they’d be paying more with them for the SD channel than I would the hd channel with Sky & they replied

    “No HD content on Sky for us but you can watch half the races in HD on BBC1”

    Wow telling customers to pay £22.50 for the Sky pack, only then to say watch half the races on the Beeb.

    That’s left me speechless


    Again, if sky aren’t offering them the HD channel, then virgins can’t. Help that.

    Elliot Horwood

    Actually the cheapest way to get SKY F1 is just £10 a month on the iPhone (SKY Sports App) then get a cable from iphone to tv and there you have it!

    Or another cheap way is £15 a month on the xbox with Sky Go which you can also watch on your laptop


    Never said it was Virgin’s fault.

    Just said it was a poor deal and having the audacity to suggest we should watch half the races on the Beeb while subscribing to the Sky F1 channel was a major kick in the teeth.


    At least Virgin seems to be doing what they can to stay in touch with the viewers, even though its no super deal for them or their viewers. It shows how Steve Rider is right in what he says about that deal in this interview (from about 6:42 in its about the BBC/Sky deal – he certainly is not buying the line the BBC had no choice) – might be slightly off topic, but its a great interview.


    It’s a terrible deal.

    Sorry but one hour of Race action (as confirmed in Ben Edwards interview) is appalling.

    It’s not enough, you cannot tell a good story with approx 2 thirds – half the race.

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