Virgin Media will carry Sky’s F1 channel in 2012 (Update: But not BT Vision)

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    Oh dear, this is bad news. I haven’t worked out the costs for me, but it’s not going to be cheaper on VirginMedia for me. :(


    I need to confirm this. But at the moment I have Phone / TV / Broadband through VirginMedia. The only part I am lookging to change is the TV. Why change the rest? As you have to pay for a phone line with the broadband with VirginMedia anyway.

    Does anyone know if you buy Sky TV on it’s own you need to buy any other services from them? I think for TV you can have it on it’s own. Only Broadband from Sky you need to buy the phone line rental.

    Well, assuming I can have TV on its own then ‘like for like’ TV I would have this:

    VirginMedia TV XL (175 channels, although they like to count the +1 channels)
    Cost per month is £24.50
    Need to add Sky Sports Package for F1 at £22.50 per month
    Total = £47 per month

    Now if I can just ditch VirginMedia TV XL and keep Broadband and Phone then they should reduce my monthly bill by £24.50. I know that things are never this simple, but I shall have to ask.

    Then Sky TV + Entertainment package + Entertainment Extra (that’s to match equivalent with VirginMedia TV XL) + HD pack to get the F1
    is….. £20 + £5 + £10.25
    Total = £35.25 per month

    Go with VirginMedia for F1:
    Increase of £22.50 per month on my monthly TV bill.
    Go with Sky for TV to get F1
    Increase of £10.75 per month on my monthly TV bill.


    Any Virgin Media customer that is tied into a deal (like me with 9 months left) is left with few options. Watch BBC = well, after what they have done it aint happening. I am REALLY anti-TV license now.
    Watch internet channel free = It’s too hit n miss with quality and sound feed (again, the BEEB can shove it – 5live will not be getting me).
    Pay the extortionate extra for all those crappy sports channels with Virgin just to watch the only sport I like.

    £22.50 for a year it will be.
    Then time to re-think the options for 2013 season. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I hate sky and the Beeb.


    i am a sports fan and have the sky sports package through VM, so I’m pleased to find out I won’t be paying any more. Currently sat watching the cricket, and waiting desperately for the Rugby League season to start. These are two sports which are almost exclusively on Sky Sports with limited highlights available on C5 & BBC, but as a fan you can’t really get enough from that.

    Sky sports customers on VM also get on-demand, so you can catch up on anything you’ve missed.

    Don’t forget guys, on the M+ package you mention you get Eurosport (who’s coverage wasn’t great last year, but they do show some motorsport).
    You’ll also get Indycar on Sky Sports too.

    Not pro-Sky at all, but realistic that they do a good job of sport because they’re willing to throw money at it.


    Well I slept on the decision and I have come to the conclusion that I shall not be watching F1 in 2012. If I stay with VirignMedia, it will cost me an extra £270 over the year for just 10 live races.

    2.5 hrs of viewing per race works out to £10.80 per hour.

    I even doubt I’ll watch much on the BBC either. I’m not sure I really want to half follow a season.

    The SKY switch would also cost me, but that’s still possible a cost I cannot add to my monthly TV bill.

    F1 is now a luxury.


    I’d like to argue that you can show a really good picture of the race with half or 2 thirds of the race.. If you take the 2 best races from 2011 (China and Canada according to our polls) then look at what actually happened, I reckon it would be simple, and the BBC already have practice of making these highlights programmes, they do them for F1 and Football already..

    I might not be getting Sky for 2012, but that doesn’t mean I’m anti-BBC or will stop watching F1 completely.. I’ll just have to make do with only watching 10 races live and the other 9 with extended highlights…


    @keeleyobsessed That is the most sensible thing to try, given the current economic climate. Time will tell if I find myself drifting away from F1 this year.


    I thought Sky will enable you to just purchase the Sky Sports F1 channel without all the other Sky Sports channels??


    Am I right in thinking I will be able to add the Sky Sports collection for just the 9 months of the F1 season?


    I have found an alternative to paying sky any money and also get in the good books with my wife/her family….

    I will be finding a pub that shows it and offer to go out for a meal :)

    the only bad points about this are the timing of the races and that pubs are closing and getting harder to find :(


    So first of all F1 wanted rid of the privateers. Next, they wanted all nicely painted tracks that look all pretty. Then they don’t want the new teams because they won’t have the money to be competitive. Now, they don’t want the fans watching, no?

    I pay 2k for a nice LCD television to watch HD content on for my two favourite sports (F1 and professional wrestling). WWE had sorted HD long ago, yet F1 I thought, would have sorted it for 2009. No, we wait til 2010. No? 2011? Ok…

    After one year of HD and F1 presented in a fantastic fashion, that’s all I get.

    I pay for Virgin, because fortunately, I quite like football, too. But because i’m getting the Sky Sports package on Virgin, I don’t get it in HD. Ok. I pay more for it, because afterall, I paid 2k for the television to watch HD on. Then I hear F1’s going to Sky. Hoping it’s HD, no extra charge etc.

    Now I hear no HD, just to make me pay 200 quid to break off of my Virgin contract. Unbelievable.

    What more do you want from me?!

    People think i’m overreacting, but if we shell out so much to watch stuff in HD like it was designed to be, then after just one ponsy year, I now can’t?! It’s pathetic.

    Bernie’s not just content turning fans away from wanting to watch a GP in the Middle East somewhere, but now he doesn’t want eyes on his sport full stop.

    Ok. You be happy with the elitists then!


    Bad news for people using BT Vision – no Sky F1 channel:

    I can now confirm that BT Vision customers won’t have access to the Sky Sports F1 channel this season.



    Ah for fecks sake :( going have to see Sky will buy me out of my BT vision contract now!


    The thing that makes me laugh about that announcement, @keithcollantine, is this line from Kerry the “BTCare Community Manager”:

    If you still want to catch the F1 action, coverage of the Formula 1 races this season will be broadcast by the BBC, with ten of the seasons’ most important races being broadcast live.

    Even BT are resorting to wheeling out the BBC’s spin now. It won’t wash with the F1 fans amongst their customers.

    I suppose I should feel lucky that I can buy the races on pay-per-view in Finland for 7€ a pop. The coverage is pretty basic though, with nothing like the extensive pre- and post-race features the BBC show.


    Pretty terrible news to be honest, I know one mate will be disappointed with this.

    Pretty insulting that they’re jumping on the BBC band wagon. 10 of the most important races? Last time I checked they all had a maximum of 25 points available.

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