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    One of the off-season projects at F1 Fanatic is an overhaul of the mobile site.

    What would you like to change about the site?

    What works well? What doesn’t work?

    What other mobile sites do you use that you like?

    Please add your suggestions below.

    Already intended for inclusion in the site following earlier suggestions are:

    • A switch to toggle between mobile and desktop versions
    • Proper ordering of comments (as on the site)
    • Incorporating the subheading introduced on the recent changes to the desktop site (e.g. ‘F1 Fanatic round-up’, ‘Brazilian Grand Prix review’ etc…)


    I’d say that those included changes already were the most important ones. I think (although can’t remember) that there is only a link to community on the mobile site and not a direct link to the forum would would be useful.

    I think my overall image of the mobile site is just that its a bit bland.

    Its related, but not quite the same as the mobile site – but i’d like to see an F1 fanatic app, that has links to all the latest news etc.

    Similar to the joystiq app maybe


    I use Opera Mini Version 5…

    * Stretch the page to full in landscape mode.

    * A log-in option without having to go through the Forum.

    * A bit more colour and images on the homepage :)


    I use the mobile site a lot these days, and I would like to see all the above changes. One is the ability to switch between the mobile and desktop versions of the site.

    As for my favourite mobile sites, BBC’s is a great example of how to get some good quality info and interesting stuff on one page.


    A switch to toggle between mobile and desktop versions

    Proper ordering of comments (as on the site)

    If you add these two the mobile site will be great!


    Yeah the BBC mobile site is pretty good but on my phone, i also use ESPN F1 which is quick and efficient to use for a bit of F1 news.

    Could you put in live race standings with some kind of time difference between competitors. this would be handy when out-and-about when a race is on (or even quaili). I guess this could be quite a technical ask though

    Lord Stig


    Not an impossibility, but to have live race standings would require the information to be streamed from FOM. The last time I checked Bernie does not give stuff cheap. I believe the BBC had to actually pay extra to have live standings on the side of their F1 web page, in addition to the rights to stream the race to UK viewers.


    Unless things changed, but this summer while on vacation I only had access to the internet through my Blackberry for two races and I could get to the prediction page but couldn’t submit the predictions :(

    Lord Stig


    Do you know what version of BlackBerry OS you are using? I checked the compatibility with a WebKit browser in iOS and it seems fine. The newest version of BlackBerry OS, which is OS 6, uses a WebKit browser. I would check again now to see if it works.


    Sounds like you’ve already got the most important updates planned. I can’t think of anything other than toggle, ordering of comments, and subheadings.

    Stephen Jones

    for an example, i like to think of gtplanet.net as the perfect ipod adapted site..

    but it has been converted to normal format at the moment for some reason, it does look good though.


    Hey Keith, I just discovered recently that you can add a Safari Bookmark directly to your home screen as an icon on all Apple iOS devices. When I did I immediately put F1F on my home screen. It would be cool though if it had an icon, rather than a thumbnail of the homescreen which is the default. Apparently all you have to do is place a 45×45 .png of your logo (or whatever you want the icon to be) in the root directory of your site and name it “apple-touch-icon.png” and it’ll become the icon for anyone who adds the bookmark to their home screen. The OS even rounds the corners of the image automatically. That would be a nice little feature for those of us running Apple devices. Hope the mobile update is coming along nicely. Thanks!

    Here’s an article about it: http://www.askdavetaylor.com/how_to_create_custom_apple_iphone_website_icon.html


    i’d agree with the above. Either that, or an F1 fanatic app would be great


    Yeah Keith any chance of an Android app?


    An Android app would be very nice!

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