Was Räikkönen hungover on Thursday after all?


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    Apparently, Kimi was out partying in Tallinn, Estonia on Tuesday, and by the looks of it had a rather great time (pic might be unrelated but for illustration). From the wall of Estonian pop singer Koit Toome:


    Translation: Yesterday [Aug 20th] was probably the most surreal day of my short life. Unfortunately I can’t talk about everything, but after the cool Robbie Williams concert we went to a local pub to have some drinks and celebrate the big day [Estonian Independence Day]. So I sit down and what do I see – right next to me, in a rather good party mood, is the guy because of whom I still watch the rather sterile and bland F1 of today. Yes, I’m talking about my hero the man Kimi Räikkönen. Besides all else he tells me to sing something then, and has the music shut down in the entire restaurant. There are some moments in life that make you scratch the back of your head in a baffled but jolly way. The world is indeed small and everyone is really an ordinary and simple person, and that is really cool.


    I have a read an article about this party with Kimi and it is rumoured and I am very much taking this with a tub of salt that apparently he got drunk and told somebody he would be driving for Ferrari next year. However this is only a rumour and a big one, could be possible if he was drunk but this is one to believe if you want to and not if you don’t.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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