Webber set to replace Massa at Ferrari

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    Apparently Webber will be replacing Massa at Ferrari for 2013, this according to a Spanish website. Obviously nothing is 100% certain at the moment, but this would definitely be a surprise if it turned out to be true!


    I’m hearing rumors that he might even switch over mid season. I doubt it though, but that’s just me. Webber’s been rumored with Ferrari several times over and nothing’s ever come of it that it’s numbed me against Ferrari-Webber rumors.


    Any idea why Mark would get out of a championship winning car and get into a dog?

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Sounds bogus to me.

    I’m suprrised the rumour is coming out of Spain. This is the kind of stuff I would expect from down here.


    There were some whispers about it in Australia earlier in the year as well, so I’m not shocked by the reports.

    Honestly, I can’t see that this would be a move forward for Ferrari over Massa. If they want to change, they should at least go for something different like Perez.

    Unless Webber’s bringing Newey with him or something! :P


    While his performance has not been up to scratch I think Massa would be a bit hard done by to get sacked mid-season. Ferrari maybe should look at a Perez or someone like that, but being a MW fan would be great to see him in the red to finish off.

    Some are saying he will have one more year at Red Bull until one of the Torro Rosso boys are ready, but to be honest that is not Webber’s issue really and he has signed one year contracts for a reason. Ferrari do seem to pay more than other teams so may be a financial benefit for Mark to finish of at Ferrari (not that I think he needs the cash!!)

    Prisoner Monkeys


    There were some whispers about it in Australia earlier in the year as well, so I’m not shocked by the reports.

    Those “whispers” were probably just the idiots we call commentators talking up Webber’s prospects. They’re desperate to see him win a World Championship, and they’ll do or say whatever they think will make it happen, as if they can influence the outcome of the races. If they’ve started these Webber-to-Ferrari rumours, you can bet they’ll also talk about Ricciardo going to Red Bull in Webber’s place, because that’s what they want: an Australian-dominated championship, even if neither driver is up to it.


    Doesn’t look like anything more than speculation at the moment.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    @keithcollantine – I wouldn’t even call it that. To me, speculation needs a precedent to be speculation. For example, Sergio Perez being a member of the Ferrari development programme makes him a candidate for the second Ferrari seat. That’s speculation. But in the case of Webber going to Ferrari, there is nothing to base the speculation on. These rumours come up once a year like clockwork, have never been substantiated, and seemed to be fuelled by the fanboy fantasies of the worst commentary team in the entire sport.


    That doesn’t make any sense to me at all. I’ve seen some unexpected things happen in F1, but that just doesn’t work for me.


    I don’t see why Webber would want to go to Ferrari. Mark’s not going to be around a lot longer, maybe a couple more seasons, and his best chance of winning a World Championship is surely at Red Bull. Of course if Red Bull have someone lined up to take Webber’s place, and Mark still wants to stay in F1, then maybe Ferrari wouldn’t be such a bad idea- I’m sure they’d prefer Webber over Massa.

    In other words, Mark would only go to Ferrari if he’s unable to stay at Red Bull; and Red Bull will only kick Webber out if they’ve got someone good lined up.

    Prisoner Monkeys


    Red Bull will only kick Webber out if they’ve got someone good lined up.

    If they do, the question is who that person is.

    Neither Ricciardo not Vergne are up to the task. Ricciardo is the better qualifier; Vergne, the better racer. Fuse them together, and you’ve got someone who might be capable. But as it stands right now, they’re just not good enough. I suppose Red Bull could always draft Buemi in to replace Webber if he left mid-season, but I can’t see them taking Webber out of the seat for the sake of putting Buemi in. The same goes for Alguersuari, though I doubt he will ever drive for a Red Bull team again.

    And thus we get to the crux of the matter. Webber won’t leave Red Bull without being compelled to leave. Right now, he’s the best driver available to them, so they won’t push him. Not unless they’ve found a driver from the left-of-field that would be totally unexpected and very promising; esteban Gutierrez and Felipe Nasr are the only drivers I can think of who are close to this.

    Since Ferrari are struggling, nor will Webber take the plunge and defect to Maranello not unless the relationship with the team has broken down beyond repair, and I haven’t seen anything to indicate that this might be possible. His relationship with the team has endured much worse, what with the Turkey and Silverstone incidents back in 2010. Based on what we have seen in recent weeks, this is even less likely than the team picking up a rookie to fill the seat.

    The bottom line here is that this is just the thinnest of speculation, if indeed it can be called speculation at all.


    I can’t see why Ferrari would look to Webber, neither can I see why Webber would join Ferrari.


    @Prisoner-Monkeys – Er, no, I can assure you my source for that whisper was much more reliable than that, from within the credible motorsport media.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Well, I only named them as possible culprits because they’ve done it in the past.

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