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    Jonas Karlsson

    Isn´t it odd that Wehrlein decided to skip last weekends race, blaming lack of stamina.

    According to what I have read it was his decision. I have never heard of anything like that.
    Often it´s the complete opposite, a driver does everything he can not to miss a race.

    He says he will drive in China in 2 weeks. How can he be fit then? Nothing will change within a week.
    If he´s not able to drive now it will probably take months of training to get back.

    I smell a rat here.

    Was it a Mercedes decision as he lacked pace the whole weekend? His managers?


    To me it appears sensible thinking. Why risk aggravating the injury and possibly being out longer than just one race? Choose to miss one and recover fully and just get on with the rest of the season 100% fit.

    Jonas Karlsson

    Out for just one race? It was not his old injury that stopped him this weekend, he said it was lack of training.

    “My fitness level is not as it should be for a full race distance because of my training deficit”

    If this is the case, what can change before they go to China. Then it will take months of training to be fit enough.

    If he is driving in China it was not his fitness level that stopped him in Australia.


    Wasn’t Alonso declared fit enough to race but then didn’t in Bahrein, just to avoid a small accident causing more major damage to whatever?


    I’m sure the opinion of his withdrawal is influenced by talk of his “hard to work, princess-like” personality.

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