What could we have as a lasting tribute to Jules

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    How about a parade lap with his MR03 & his uncle’s 1968 GT40 at Spa..?

    Bradley Downton

    I am loving a huge number of these suggestions.

    @junior-pilot – I love the idea of leaving pole empty, but then whoever took pole would complain they’d gone to all that effort and then been stuck on the dirty side of the grid. The entire front row should be left empty, and painted with a French Flag and Bianchi’s name.

    – I’d imagine every team will run some sort of visible tribute to Bianchi, most likely the #JB17. I’d like to see Manor run with a Bianchi-type tribute livery, but they need the money from the sponsors, and probably – sadly – don’t have enough to repaint two cars and spare parts.

    – I think that’s fantastic. It’s lasting – for as long as the team stick around – and you have a great point. Were it not for Bianchi, Manor wouldn’t even be there this year. I think they’ll have to keep Manor, but Manor-Bianchi Motorsport, or Bianchi-Manor Motorsport is cracking! Should that not be possible, naming the Chassis’ from now on – as @Nick suggested – would be good.

    – Lovely! Perhaps fronted by Chilton driving Bianchi’s MR03, then the two Manors, then the rest of the field? And why lap 9?

    I’ve seen on Twitter hints of lap 17 being run under the Virtual Safety Car, which I think is a nice idea. People are moaning saying it could shape the race, but how? The pitlane gets closed, and everyone runs around at the same speed for a lap. It’s a touching way to say ‘Thank you Jules. We’re sorry it took for your death to teach us, but we are learning, and hopefully this will help.’


    @sam3110 I can kinda see where you going with this – every car could run with a ceremonial 17 on its nosecone, like a sponsor (while in practice their own race number would apply as usual in terms of telemetry and so on).

    Let’s face it, we can never read the actual numbers on the nose anyway – why not stick a big white 17 on the lowest point of the nose just this once?!


    How about increasing effort on saftey development, I mean something that matters. Honestly who is going to care they retired number 17. If they did that for every number a driver died with the entire field would only be able to choose between thirty numbers or so. Also should Hülkenberg really be driving under 27 then? Isn’t it weird Vettel races with 5, which I always link to Clark.

    It is time we let the family go through the grieving process without reminding them every second their son died in one of the fastest cars in the world. Sure a tribute would be nice at the Hungarian GP but it would be more as a way to satisfy fans ‘because we must do something’ rather than any consolation to the family.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m deeply saddened that this young man died. Sadly death is a part of life, a fact we all have to live with and plain nonsense like retireing his racing number (which isn’t even linked to Bianchi except for one season) does not really do the man any honour.

    Let Ferrari have a special livery in his legacy, nice thing but he didn’t even drove there. The real thing that would somehow mean something to me is a nice and elegant statue at Suzuka, like we have a little one at Spa for Senna (Although he didn’t die there). So that people in the future are reminded that (young) men died here so the sport could become what it is at that time, to remind them that the greatness of F1 never was, yet hopefully one day is, without sacrifice.


    I think it’s nice what they did with the number, it’s not what I would have done but some people wanted it and it doesn’t do any harm. Ultimately anything done will be seen as a token gesture though so it’s a hard choice .

    Something to do with safety would be nice but I like to think that’s always ongoing .

    It’s a bit of a cliche but it would be nice to see a corner named after him as something that will last and be mentioned forever. Maybe at a future French gp.


    I read somewhere people are planning to post #CiaoJules on Twitter in unison at 10am Central European Time (9am UK), the start of his funeral.


    Maybe they should rename the FIA Pole Position Trophy after Jules Bianchi. Just a thought.

    Craig Woollard

    @Bradley13 The number 9 is what I associate with Bianchi more. He finished ninth at Monaco which earned Marussia ninth in the championship, which has been a part in them surviving to this day.


    How about Manor JB03B/04..?

    Alan Threlfall

    Really lovely tribute blog to Jules here by Natalie Pinkham… https://www.sportlobster.com/news/99693/fitting-farewell-for-bianchi-in-budapest.html

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