What driver do you think has improved the most since last year?

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    Ben Rowe

    Hi, I am new to this forum and was having a few issues trying to join another.

    Throughout most of this season, Valtteri Bottas has been the driver that has improved most since last year in my opinion. Obviously, the Williams team will be what is helping him out a lot. Either Massa is just extremly unluckey or bottas may prehaps be becoming a better driver. Last year, there was one occasion where Bottas managed to qualify as high as 3rd from what I can remember but other than that, as we know, williams hardly had any luck at all last year.
    The other driver I would say has improved is Daniel Ricciardo. Even though Red Bull don’t preform as well as Williams, Daniel Ricciardo, a lot of the time has been beating his world champian team mate in both qualifiying and the race.

    I am hoping to see Bottas continue at Williams for atleast another season and I really do think that he will be able to improve yet more. I also think that if Red Bull have a better car next year that Ricciardo will be able to be on the podium almost every race like Vettel was last year.

    I would be interested to see what drivers other people think have preformed much better this year than last.

    Theo Parkinson

    I think Perez has had a big improvement in form. The drivers you listed earlier however, may have always been driving like that but only now people are starting to notice.

    Ben Rowe

    I suppose what you mean is that Bottas could well have been as good as he is now last year. It could have just been the williams he had last year that was letting him down a bit.

    I think Perez is getting better than he was last year and he did very well to finnish 3rd in Bahrain.


    Valtteri Bottas is really doing well compared to last year, so I’m going with him. But I also think Rosberg has improved, Ricciardo and Perez too.


    I dont really think anyone has improved a lot over last year. Perez is getting better results but I think this car probably suits him better (quite similar to his old Sauber), and I’m still not convinced he’s gotten over his over-aggressive racing. I think Maldonado is a better driver than Massa so that would explain Bottas performing better relatively. Chilton seemed to start the year stronger but I’m not sure if that was down to mechanical problems for Bianchi.

    The only possible improvement I would say is from Alonso who seems to be back to his 2012 form after being a little bit off last season.

    Craig Woollard

    Ricciardo for me. There was never any doubt over his qualifying speed, but there always remained a few question marks over his race pace. This year has hit the nail on the head for me, the boy can race.

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