What has it been the most surprising thing for you this season?

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    Omar R

    Just that, let’s see what things you remember so far.
    For me, it’s the way Sauber has bounced back. They started with just one car in Australia (Nico couldn’t even start the race) and recently they have been able to match or resist the Ferraris and Mercedes, which is awesome if you compare their budgets and staff working on the “big teams”


    Mclaren without podiums. I was really shocked about their lack of pace during the first races, but I was expecting them to make strong recovery during the season. Well, that hasn’t happened.


    Ferrari has been making bad cars at the start of the season, and improve it at the end during the past few years. It was a big surprise to see the opposite happening in 2013.

    Of cource I agree with the guys above me.


    Williams. They won a race last year, had a decent car at most races, and there was a really good feeling about this years car. Combine that with the arrival of their highly rated rookie Bottas, it was looking like 2013 would be a great season. But no. Shocking season with just one point all year. As a Williams fan, this has been a really hard season to watch.

    Max Jacobson

    The tyre explosions in Silverstone. I was not expecting that at all.

    Lucas Wilson

    The fact that this season was 99% worse than 2012


    Kimi’s return to Ferrari, As much as I wanted it to happen, I never thought it actually would until it was announced.


    Daniel Ricciardo’s good form and his deserved promotion is not quite surprising, but I’m glad to see it happen.


    Vettel/Red Bull’s dominance. I suppose it’s not really a surprise considering how good both are, but still, after 2012 where there was such variety, I thought it would have continued in such a way.
    Also, on that same sort of trend, how good the Mercedes is compared to how I thought it would be.


    They started with just one car in Australia

    For a second there I thought you were suggesting that Sauber had turned up to Melbourne with just one car between their two drivers. :P

    As far as the most surprising thing this season, just one word: Williams.


    Mercedes have been surprisingly very good, at the end of last year, where they scored 0 points from Suzuka ’till United States, no one would have expected them with 8 pole positions, 3 wins, and 7 podiums this year, would they?

    Williams and McLaren have also been shocking, but in a negative way.


    Man, so many things! People might look back and brand this a Vettel whitewash, but for me, it’s all about:

    – Mercedes being the quickest car over one lap for half the season
    – The resurgence of Sauber (but not McLaren, who usually always bring it back in the end)
    – Grosjean showing up Raikkonen
    – How fundamentally bad the Williams has proved to be, after how promising it seemed at the start of testing!

    Loup Garou

    Hamilton’s decision to move from McLaren to Mercedes working out, considering that a lot of people called it ‘career suicide’. OK, so he has just won a single race and is out of the WDC running, but that’s better than sitting without any podiums. The way the Mclaren Dog has been functining this season, I doubt if anyone else could have done much better with it than Button & Perez have.


    how mclaren started slowly BUT didn’t improve to become front runners!


    3 that others have mentioned – Mercedes’ qualifying pace in the first half of the year, tyre explosions, and Hamilton’s move proving to be brilliant. I’ll add Bottas’ lack of points (not his fault though) and Kvyat’s announcement, as well as Bottas’ 3rd on the grid in Montreal.

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