What if Formula 1 were like this:

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    I had an idea about how formula 1 could be improved, but your thoughts on this subject would be greatly appreciated.
    I figured that so much focus was put on performance enhancements/restrictions, which is incredibly complex and expensive. Not to mention that it would take years just to implement an influential technical resolution.

    What I came up with felt a lot more ‘do-able’. I wrote an article on it, but it required its own platform to stand on (just because the level of detail that had to be applied to it), so I created a (free) website for it. The site is still in its development stages (text-based with little visual styling), but the layout is as intuitive as can be made possible. Still, I must apologise in advance if you do encounter any issues. Please feel free to let me know: A link to my twitter account is available at the top of every page.

    I believe that it is a set ideas (all rolled into one) with the capacity to change the sport with real positive benefits. Check it out and tell me what you think: http://www.thenew22.000webhostapp.com

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